The Story of the Café

The ground was frozen and the air coming out of my mouth turned to steam. I went up the stairs covered in red velvet carpet and opened the door to my favourite place – The Lipstick Café. The light was dim, and the place was already covered in fairy lights and Christmas decorations. The jazz music fitted in with the atmosphere even more now.

I headed towards the same small table I sit at every time, and I take my white faux-fur scarf off. I am not even seated properly that someone takes my coffee order – a cappuccino Viennese as usual.

‘Rituals and routines are your favourite things, isn’t it so?’, Alan asks me while smiling, not even having to write down my order.

‘You know how it is, Alan, every day comes with its favourite moments.’

While I’m waiting, I take my black bag onto my lap and look after my favourite lipstick – the Military Red from Burberry. A red lipstick can change any boring look into something elegant and chic. The packaging and the colour are so luxurious the process of applying lipstick it’s a ritual.

‘One can never have their lips too red’, I thought, as I gently pressed the bullet onto my already red-stained lips.

I am warm now, and I do not even worry about the girls being late. The newest issue of my favourite magazine is brought to me. As I open it, I breathe in the smell of fresh print and look for the headlines. A review of my beloved Florence and the Machine concert, an analysis of Tati Westbrook’s new product… What about something about Christmas Gifts? I am already panicking!

My coffee is brought over and suddenly it feels like home – my Chanel Chance perfume mixed in with the sweet smell of the hot coffee and the fresh printing ink off my magazine. I am in heaven. I take a sip of my steamy cappuccino and I leave a strong mark of lipstick on my cup.

I look up to see that Clara just enters the Café. I smile at her. I can’t wait to discuss Christmas gifts with her and share some ideas. She approaches with a lot of enthusiasm:

‘Oh, the new Lipstick issue! So what’s new?’