Dear Reader,


In the middle of our busy, tumultuous days, it is lovely to find a little thing that calms us and makes our days more enjoyable. This is what I hope to achieve through my blog. I created it out of passion, with a variety of topics in mind. The idea was to have a Café where people could meet and have a chat about beauty, fashion or art. 

       My name is Irina and I obtained a first-class honours degree in English and History of Art. Through the years I developed a passion for language, culture, history of art and makeup, and studying these at university has developed my research and writing skills so you can be assured that you will find top quality content here.

       I believe in one’s passion for visuals and beauty, such as cosmetics, images and new experiences. Occasionally, I will review tourist attractions and art exhibitions, for the culture and art lovers. I consider makeup and its effects as art, which is why I will write reviews of products and share application techniques. Slowly but surely, this blog is meant to discuss all of the above, including makeup, skincare, fashion, art and travelling.


What makes me different from any other bloggers? 


It is hard to tell what online content is honest nowadays. All reviews are my own and reflect my own experiences. Also, blogs or videos can often times contain false information based on myths or one’s biased opinion. On Lipstick Café my efforts go into providing first-hand materials that are fact checked and thoroughly researched.

      Occasionally, I will reach out to professionals to share their understanding and expertise on certain topics, as I did with Tati’s Halo Beauty supplements. Some of the articles are also checked by professionals so the information does not contain errors, especially when it comes to checking a product’s claims versus their ingredients, such as the Alex Steinherr’s skincare line in Primark. For other posts such as fashion and foundation techniques, I used a variety of sources and my own research in writing complex and informative articles. Regarding the art and travelling section, I have a thorough understanding of art reviews and critique.

      With patience and love this project will grow. Meanwhile, please share support by either following or leaving a comment with feedback. I hope you will enjoy the content of Lipstick Café and that you will find it fun and relaxing, worth coming back to.

           Please don’t forget to check the idea behind the re-branding, The Story of The Café.


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