How to improve your look by changing the colours you are wearing

The colours that we wear can change our appearance significantly. Something that not many know is that depending on our skin’s undertones, some colours can make us look healthier, more rested and more pulled together, while others can do the opposite. There will be colours that will accentuate the redness in your skin, or colours that will make your hair colour appear less fresh than it actually is. If you have a favourite top that seems to suit you very well, it is probably because of its colour.


So how do we identify the colours that suit us?


The first step in identifying the colours that will improve your look is to find out what undertones you have in your skin. You can do this by looking carefully at your skin in natural light. Is your skin more golden, tending towards warm, or is more pinkish, or maybe slightly blue? If you look at your wrists, do your veins appear blue or green? If they seem blue, that would suggest you have cool undertones, and if they appear green, it means you have warm undertones. If you are unclear about it and both seem to apply, then you probably have neutral undertones. There are a lot of resources online for trying to figure out your undertones, and it is an important exercise to keep playing with until you are able to tell which one is yours. Once you find out what are your undertones, you will suddenly realise that many things that you like will not actually look good on you.

     The colour is just as important as the cut of a piece of clothing or its style. You might love wearing light blue tops, but if your undertones are warm, you might find out that that pale cool blue top makes you look slightly tired, your skin looks dull and it has a negative effect on your appearance. Same applies if you have cool undertones and you wear something warm-toned.


b848064f689f86c391f51ad3c862194dColour wheel, source


Cool undertones


For cool undertones, usually cold colours would look best. This would include violet, blues, bright green or gray.


Warm undertones


For warm undertones, earthy colours would look good, such as burgundy, warm reds, browns, and generally golden colours.

Black tends to suit everyone, and if you are lucky enough to have neutral skin undertones then you might suit the colours from both categories.

    However, keep in mind that colours themselves can be warm or cool, depending on the colour mix used to create it. Fashion designer Justine Leconte explains this quite well in her video. This means that there are warmer blues out there, cooler yellows and so on. It is worth to have a look at her explanation.

   However, do not simply follow the rule. There are many articles online discussing what colours suit your undertone, however, the best method is to actually sit in front of a mirror in natural light, and place different clothes in front of your chest and face. Identify which colours make your skin look more even and which colours make you look more rested.


Blonde_Hair_Color_Idea_2014_39Blake Lively, warm undertones


There are other factors to keep in mind as well, such as your hair colour, or skin issues. For example, someone that has warm undertones but suffers of rosacea or acne, might find that reds do not look good on them, because it brings out the redness in the skin even more. Also, if your hair colour is very warm, such as a golden blonde, then even if your skin undertone is neutral, you will probably look best in warm colours. Think of Blake Lively, for example, her hair colour is very golden, and she usually has a more golden look to her skin. She sticks to warm colours, that suit her golden locks. On the other hand, someone like Anne Hathaway, with cool undertones, will mostly wear cool colours.


2381-anne-hathaway-widescreenAnne Hathaway, cool undertones

All in all, keep in mind that colours play a big role in the way we look. The right choice can make our hair and skin look better. When you are getting ready, pay attention to this, and maybe before buying something because the cut looks amazing on you, also be careful about how its colour makes your skin look. If you immediately notice something is off, maybe look for a different colour.







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