Christmas Beauty Advent Calendars 2022

All you could wish for? Review: Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar

Sephora has made its entry in the UK recently and joined the advent game by providing a mixed brand calendar that offers no less than 34 items for £140. How well is it curated? Are the products repetitive, diverse enough? Does it provide well known brands and excitement? This review will look into all the contents of the Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022, analysing the ingredients, discussing its worth when compared to other calendars this year, as well as describe the experience this calendar would offer. 


£139 with a total value of £706.50 (Sephora claims £711. Please note that the author’s value calculations have been based at price per 1ml but this can vary significantly as prices per sizes sometimes differ)


CONTENTS: 34 items 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Makeup: 7 items


Eyes: 4 items


For makeup, the Sephora beauty advent calendar contains three items for the eyes. The Natasha Denona Mini Metropolis Eyeshadow Palette comes in 7.7g and costs £24. The Natasha Denona eyeshadow is renowned amongst beauty lovers for its quality. This palette contains five shades – a matte neutral toned dark brown, a matte light warm toned brown, a matte light cream shade, a metallic warm toned gold and a gorgeous metallic blue toned green. The palette thus offers options for everyday looks as well as gorgeous evening ones. The selection of tones and colours is beautiful and will allow complementary and contrasting shades for a wide variety of looks.The palette is also cruelty free. 

The mini eyeshadow palette also comes with an eyeshadow brush. Given that it comes with the palette, the value is unknown, but it does deserve a separate mention. The brush looks softly tapered and ideal for blending edges. 

There is also a liquid liner from Huda Beauty, the Life Liner Quick ‘N Easy that comes in the full size of 1g and costs £16. The shade is not specified. This liner comes in black or in brown.

The Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022 also offers a mascara. The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara comes in the full size of 8ml and costs £25. This is an iconic mascara that is supposed to provide extreme volume. This will probably come in black.


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Complexion: 2 items


For the complexion there is a hybrid product that is both a skincare item and makeup. This is the Rodial Soft Focus Glow Booster Drops that comes in the full size of 30ml that costs £50. It has a rosy hue and can be used by itself as a serum that adds glowiness to the skin, under makeup as an illuminating primer, as well as as a gentle highlighter. It contains hydrating ingredients such as Glycerin, Squalane, Propanediol but it also contains Fragrance, which could be irritating to the skin, as well as potential skin allergens signalled by the EU, such as Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool and Citral. 

The last item for the complexion is the Nars Orgasm x Blush that comes in a mini size of 2.5g that costs £17. This is another iconic makeup item well known by any beauty lover. This shade should complement all skin tones. It is a gorgeous vibrant cool toned pink with golden shimmer in. 


Lips: 1 item


For the lips there is only one product – the KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Lipstick that comes in the full size of 1.05g that costs £19. The specific shade is not mentioned but in the promotional pictures for the calendar this seems to come in a gorgeous caramel shade that should complement all skin tones. The formula of the lipstick is described as hydrating, having a shiny finish. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Skincare: 15 items


Cleansers: 3 items


As usual for my beauty advent calendar reviews, I divided the contents of the calendar according to the steps in a skincare routine so that it is easier for you to follow how many products the calendar contains for a full skincare routine. Starting with the cleansing process (to remove that beautiful makeup applied from the previous reviewed category), there is The Pai Skincare Light WorkTM Cleansing Oil which comes in a very generous size of 100ml that costs £33. This comes in the largest size available. The cleanser promises to remove makeup and excess sebum without irritating sensitive skin or eyes. It contains Olive Fruit Oil which is an antioxidant and emollient, Sunflower Oil and Castor Seed Oil, both emollients, and Rosehip Fruit Extract which is a potent antioxidant. However, this cleansing oil is packed with potential skin sensitisers such as Jasminum Grandiflorum, Citrus Aurantifolia Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil and Pelargonium Graveolens Oil. These will give it a lovely citrus fragrance that many people love, but they can sensitise skin. It also contains potential skin allergens such as Limonene, Citronellol, Geraniol, Citral and Linalool. 

The second cleanser in the Sephora advent calendar is the Decleor Neroli Bigarade Hydrating Cleansing Mousse which comes in 50ml and is worth £17. This promises to remove makeup but it also says it increases the skin’s radiance, and helps to plump and hydrate skin. However, it contains a few potential skin sensitisers, such as Papaya Fruit Extract, Bitter Orange Flower Oil and Fragrance. It also contains the potential skin allergen Citronellol. 

The Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner can easily be included as the final step in the cleansing routine. This comes in an impressive size of 200ml which costs £26. The second ingredient after water is Glycerin, which has moisturising properties for the skin. Methyl Gluceth-20 is another ingredient that moisturises the skin. It is mild and gentle and is popular in formulas for sensitive skin. Saponin is a cleansing agent that has skin soothing and antioxidant properties. Towards the end of the ingredient list there is also Apricot Fruit Extract which is an antioxidant. However, this toner contains Fragrance and also the potential skin allergens Linalool and Hexyl Cinnamal. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Masks: 2 items


The Sephora beauty advent calendar contains two masks, one for the face and one for the eyes. The Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask comes in 15ml and costs £27. This is a mud mask. It contains Kaolin and Silt (Hungarian Mud) which ave absorbent properties and help remove excess oil from the skin. Usually these masks can be drying to the skin, but the Omorovicza mask also contains moisturising ingredients which should counteract this effect. It contains Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Mannitol and Yeast Extract which all have moisturising properties. Acerola Fruit Extract is another source of hydration and it also has antioxidant properties. However, this mask contains Fragrance and the potential skin allergens Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol and Geraniol. 

The calendar also contains the Patchology FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye 5 Minute HydraGels, which has a very self explanatory name. The calendar does not state how many masks it offers in the packet, but presumably it contains at least one pair, which would cost £1.50. This mask is supposed to target and help with puffiness, fatigue and dryness. It contains Caffeine, which is supposed to help reduce puffiness, Sodium Hyaluronate for hydration, Centella Asiatica to help with skin inflammation, Hydrolysed Collagen to improve the skin’s hydration, as well as Portulaca Oleracea Extract, which is supposed to help brighten the area through its Vitamin C. However, this product also contains several potential skin sensitisers such as Lavender Flower Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract and Fragrance. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Serums: 5 items


Following up the masks, there are five serums to choose from. The Medik8 Hydr8 B5 comes in 30ml which costs £45. This is supposed to last you for six weeks if used twice a day. It has a simple formula that is free of fragrance, irritating ingredients or potential skin allergens. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate the skin. This serum is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

The Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022 also contains the Filorga Lift-Designer Ultra-Lifting Serum that comes in a tiny size of 7ml worth £12. The ingredient list of this serum is incredibly long. It contains several hydrating ingredients, also contains antioxidants, skin brightening and soothing ones. Fragrance is also one of them which could be a skin sensitiser. 

There is the Lancôme Advanced Genifique Hydrating Face Serum which comes in 7ml only and is worth £14. This is a popular serum and it contains a mix of prebiotics and probiotics derived extracts that are supposed to maintain the skin’s barrier healthy and improve fine lines and uneven skin tones. It sounds like the formula was changed recently. This serum contains perfume and the potential skin allergens Limonene and Citronellol. 



The Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022 also contains an eye serum. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG comes in the full size of 30ml which costs £6.40. This is targeting puffy, tired eyes. With its high concentration of caffeine, supplemented by Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves, both supposed to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. It also contains other antioxidants as well as hydrating ingredients, skin brightening and soothing ones. It is free of fragrance or potential skin allergens and is cruelty free and vegan. 

Luckily, there is also a serum for the lips – always so desired in the cold months of winter. The Esho Drench 24hr Hydrating Lip Serum comes in the full size of 12ml that costs £20. This serum promises hydration for the lips and it contains several hydrating and nourishing ingredients. It contains aroma and the potential skin allergen Limonene. This lip serum is vegan.


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Creams: 4 items


The Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar for 2022 contains five creams to choose from. The most generous sized one is the Comfort Zone Renight Cream that comes in 30ml and is worth £32. This is a rich night cream that targets dehydrated skin. It contains several skin hydrators and emollients, as well as antioxidants. Comfort Zone is one of my favourite brands in terms of skincare and you might have seen me talking about their products in my articles and videos before. However, I usually like to choose their products that are fragrance free. This cream contains Fragrance and the potential skin allergen Geraniol. 

The other three face creams in the Sephora calendar come in 15ml. Keeping it to rich, nightly creams there is the Augustinus Bader The Cream that costs an eye watering £69. The Cream is fast absorbing compared to its Rich Cream version. It is ideal for normal to oily skin types and promises hydration and glowiness through SoyBeans, Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins, soothing Aloe Vera and brightening Ascorbic Acid. It is free of fragrance or of potential skin allergens. It has also been reformulated to be vegan. 

Another night cream is the Filorga Time Filler Night Multi-Correction Wrinkles Night Cream which comes again in 15ml which is worth just over £19. This one is different from the other two night creams because besides hydrating ingredients it also contains Gluconolactone, which is an exfoliator, as well as a multitude of peptides. The list of ingredients is very long but it does look very promising. However, it does contain Fragrance quite high up on the ingredient list. 

Lastly, there is the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Oil Free Gel Moisturiser that comes in 15ml worth £8. This is an oil free moisturiser that also contains antioxidants and skin brightening ingredients. However, this cream is packed with potential skin irritants and allergens. There is Lemon Peel Oil, Spearmint Leaf Oil, Orange Peel Oil amongst the first ingredients, as well as the potential skin allergens Limonene, Linalool and Citral. 



Oils: 1 item


To finish up the skincare routine and seal all the products and hydration in, there is also a face oil. The Pai Skincare The Light Fantastic Ceramide Face Oil comes in 10ml which costs £29. This oil is supposed to strengthen the skin barrier and to calm irritated skin. The product is packed with a variety of oils that contain a high amount of ceramides. These are long chains of lipids that are a major component of the skin’s outer layer. Ceramides can improve hydration, skin barrier strength and make the skin appear more supple. This product is free from fragrance or potential skin allergens and it is also vegan and cruelty free. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Hair Care: 5 items 


The Sephora advent calendar for 2022 has five items for the hair. There is no shampoo to clean the hair, but there is an exfoliating treatment for the scalp. The Virtue Exfoliating Scalp Treatment comes in 15ml which is worth £4.60. The skin on the scalp needs as much attention as the skin on our faces, so a treatment like this is always welcome. The treatment contains a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid), Salicylic Acid, as well some fruit enzymes that can have exfoliating properties as well, such as Bromelain and Papain. The latter can be a skin irritant. The treatment also contains antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. It also contains Fragrance and the potential skin allergens Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate and Limonene. 

The calendar contains a deep conditioning treatment as well. The Philip Kingsley Elasticiser comes in 75ml which costs £19.50. This is a pre-shampoo mask which is supposed to deeply condition the hair, tame the frizz and add elasticity and strength. It contains Hydrolyzed Elastin which could improve elasticity while Olive Oil should moisturise and make the hair look shiny. You can watch my two minute review of this hair mask here. This product is fragrance, allergen and cruelty free.

There are also two styling creams. The most generous one is the Fekkai Brilliant Gloss Perfecting Creme that comes in 60ml which costs £12. This cream is supposed to add moisture to the hair, reduce frizz and add shine, all without leaving a residue on the hair. It is ideal for coarse and dry hair. It is also vegan and cruelty free. 

The second styling cream is the Hair by Sam McKnight Happy Endings Nourishing Balm which comes in 30ml that costs £24. This product is supposed to seal split ends, while being nourishing to the hair, smoothing and also helping with frizz. This product is ideal for all hair types and it is also vegan. 

Lastly, the hair care section of the Sephora calendar contains a dry shampoo, which is always welcome as it can prolong the time in between washes and help to keep hair cleaner for longer. If you do not have oily roots, you can also use a dry shampoo to refresh after a workout at the gym. This is the Living Proof Perfect hair DayTM (PhD) Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo that comes in 90m which is worth £15. I have used Living Proof dry shampoos before and they are some of the best in terms of actually leaving the hair cleaner without a residue, while also giving volume and body to the hair. However, this dry shampoo does contain Fragrance and several potential skin allergens, such as Linalool, Citronellol, Citral and Limonene. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Body Care: 4 items 


The Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022 also contains some items for the body which are always more than welcomed in a mixed brand advent. There is the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerly Bath & Shower Gel that comes in 100ml worth around £8. The scent is described as an exotic wanderlust. It has notes of Cardamom, Tuberose, Lily and Sandalwood. It is also cruelty free.

There is also a second choice for the shower – that is the Aromatherapy Associates Rose Shower Oil that comes in 50ml which is worth £10. Shower oils are amazing to be used during winter, when our skin tends to get drier due to the colder weather. They are more hydrating and nourishing, and usually transform in a milky foam once in contact with water meaning they do not leave a residue. The fragrance is of Rose, Geranium and Palmarosa. 

Both shower gels contain perfume and potential skin allergens. 

There are two choices in terms of body creams as well. The first one is the Sol de Janeiro Beija FlorTM Elasti-Cream which comes in 75ml worth £20. This cream promises to improve the skin’s elasticity and bounce. The scent is that of Brazilian Jasmine and Pink Dragonfruit, being described as fresh and fruity. As one can imagine, this cream does contain Fragrance and potential skin allergens. The cream is also vegan and cruelty free. 

Lastly, there is the Nursem Caring Hand Cream that comes in 75ml as well worth £10. It is described as being fast absorbing. It contains Manuka Honey, Soybean and Grape Oils, as well as Glycerin and other hydrating ingredients. However, it is also packed with potential skin allergens. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Other: 4 items

A good mixed brand beauty advent calendar should always contain some miscellaneous items as well. The Sephora one offers three scented items. The Floral Street Wild Vanilla Orchid Eau de Parfum comes in 10ml worth £25. The scent is described as being of Vanilla, Blossom, Cassis, Citrus dressed in Jasmine. I own a few scents from Floral Street and all of them are unique and quite different from the standard high-street fragrances available. They are also quite strong so 10ml will last for a while. This perfume is also vegan and cruelty free.

The second fragrance is Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum that comes in 5ml worth £7.5 but usually given as a gift with purchase. This is an iconic scent that has Bergamot as top notes, Exotic Fruits, Honey, Caramel and Praline as middle notes and Vanilla and Patchouli as base notes. 

The third scented item in the miscellaneous category is the Neom Real Luxury Scented Candle that comes in 185g that costs £35. The fragrance is described as containing Lavender, Brazilian Rosewood and Jasmine. Nothing more relaxing around Christmas time than a scented candle, right?

Lastly, there is one nail polish. This is from Nails Inc Peppermint Place Nail Polish that comes in 10ml worth around £6. This is a muted burgundy shade. 


How does it compare to last year’s (2021) Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar?


Sephora bought Feel Unique and entered the UK market this autumn. Therefore, there was no Sephora beauty advent calendar in the UK for 2021. However, you can read my full review of the Feel Unique calendar for 2021 here


For who is the Sephora 2022 Beauty Advent Calendar most suitable?


With a very well mixed array of contents, it has something for the makeup lover, plenty for the skincare enthusiast, as well as something for the hair, something to use in the shower and fragrances to choose from. As a result, the Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022 is suitable to any beauty lover who enjoys a well rounded beauty routine. There are suitable items to make the heart sing for each category in this calendar. 

The skincare section does contain predominantly items with Fragrance or potential skin allergens so if you avoid these ingredients generally or if your skin is reactive and sensitive, this might not be the best calendar for you in terms of this category. Perhaps some of these items could be gifted forward? 

The skincare section also lacks targeted treatments, focusing more on the basis of a skincare routine, such as cleansing and hydration. Therefore, if you are on the hunt for retinoids or exfoliant masks and serums, this calendar might not be what you are looking for. The items seem to be aimed at most skin types and ages, without a specific focus in mind. However, the items in the skincare section are varied enough that it might take a person who knows how to organise their routine steps already in order to benefit the most from all the items.

There are some vegan and cruelty free choices but they are limited. 

The colours and properties of the products are inclusive and will be suitable to all without being limiting in regards to hair type, skin type or colour. 





The Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022 comes in a sturdy bright navy blue box. The drawers are reusable and simple in design, with golden numbers and some golden sparkle on. While simple and elegant in style, I am afraid it does not necessarily evoke the Christmas spirit. The colour choice does make it unique and set it aside from the other calendar designs. 

This calendar offers 34 items in 25 drawers, meaning it will provide extra excitement on some days that will offer more than just one item. This place it a step ahead of other beauty advent calendars on the market. 

In terms of brands, the calendar is filled switch luxury and high end brands, such as Augustinus Bader, Medik8, Natasha Denona, Too Faced, Lancome, Elemis, Sol de Janeiro and Molton Brown. It also offers some less known brands, thus offering new and exciting things to try. These include Comfort Zone, Virtue and Esho.

In my opinion it contains 24 items out of 34 that will last you for months even if used repeatedly. 



Is It Worth It?


As most mixed brand beauty advent calendars for 2022 the Sephora one also contains a limited amount of makeup when compared with the rest of the contents. Out of 34 items only seven of them are makeup. This category is 21.4% out of the total value of £151.  However, it is a very strong category nevertheless. Starting strong with an eyeshadow palette from none other than Natasha Denona, it offers five different shades to choose from. Even though this is a mini palette, it offers enough for everyday looks, glamorous evening ones as well as complementary shades for the rest of your collection. Coming with an eyeshadow brush as well, this ensures you can use the palette immediately after receiving it without needing extra items. It is also worth mentioning that the lipstick the calendar contains from KVD has a caramel shade that in my opinion would go beautifully with the blue toned green metallic shade in the palette. The liquid liner as well as the mascara are also complementary and will be used by anyone as they are must haves. It is also lovely to see a hybrid product, the Rodial highlighting drops, even though you should keep in mind that this contains Fragrance and potential skin allergens. However, if you want to avoid using it on the face it would also work nicely on the body. Its pink due might not work the best with the shades of the Denona palette, though. All in all the makeup section has been well curated, providing something exciting for the eyes, complexion and for the lips. 

A surprising element of the Sephora beauty advent calendar for 2022 is the fact that the skincare section is not even half of the contents. A repeated trend for the mixed brand beauty advent calendars is to predominantly contain skincare. However, in the Sephora one, with 15 items of skincare, these are not even half of the total contents, but do make up half the value. Worth a total of £359, it constitutes 50.8% out of the total value of the calendar. Just like in the makeup section, the items have been carefully selected to offer something for every step in the skincare routine, with cleansers, masks, serums, day and night creams and oils. However, it is missing targeted treatments, such as retinoids or chemical exfoliants. 

The skincare items come in very generous sizes, varying from 200ml (yes, you read that right!) to 100ml, 50ml, several 30ml, 7ml and less. It is admirable that the cleansers come in large sizes, allowing you to use them for a prolonged period of time, since possibly the most amount of products is being used in the cleansing routine everyday. The cleansers come in 100ml and 50ml with a toner of 200ml. The serums and creams also come in sizes of 30ml, 15ml or 7ml, which for the first two should be enough to keep you going for a while. Even the face oil will be enjoyable for a long time, as for a face oil you only need the tiniest drop per use, meaning those 10ml will last you months. The brands are just as iconic and loved as in the makeup section, with names such as Medik8, Augustinus Bader, Filorga, Lancome and Elemis. It even contains one of my favourite brands, Comfort Zone, which is a luxury spa brand. 

However, the biggest downside to skincare items is the fact that most contain Fragrance or potential skin allergens. Fragrance can be sensitising to the skin, especially if used repeatedly, while potential skin allergens can irritate the skin. Eleven items out of the fifteen contain fragrance or potential skin allergens. This means that for a person with reactive or sensitive skin they might cause issues. Also, even though it is something you do not hear very often in the beauty sphere of reviews – even if you do not have reactive or sensitive skin, these potential skin irritants or allergens should be avoided as they can cause issues in the long run. 



The haircare section is made of only five items worth £75 that makes up 10.6% of the total value of the calendar. However, this section is just as well thought and curated as the other. It contains a scalp treatment, hair masks, hair treatment and leave-in products, as well as a dry shampoo. These are all necessities in anyone’s haircare routine, and even the lack of shampoo was well thought of as it would be hard to find a shampoo that fits all hair types. The sizes are generous enough to offer prolonged use. The hair mask comes in 75ml which will last for a few months if used every week, while the styling products will last for a long time given that you would only need a pea sized amount per use. Even the dry shampoo should last you for quite a few freshen up sessions if you take the travel size spray with you on the go. The least generous size is that of the scalp treatment, but given that it contains potential skin irritants that might irritate the scalp, perhaps it is best. The brands are iconic again, with Philip Kingsley and Living Proof but the calendar also offers some brands to discover, such as Virtue and Fekkai

The bodycare section contains four items that are worth a total of £48, 6,8% of the total value of the calendar. It contains some iconic products again, with Sol de Janeiro’s body cream and a Molton Brown shower gel. It gives the choice of a shower oil, always hydrating and beneficial in winter when our skin is drier; a shower gel; and two creams. With sizes varying from 75ml to 50ml, while not impressive for a bodycare category, they will last you enough time to enjoy them properly. Everything in this section contains either Fragrance or potential skin allergens. One could argue that the skin on our bodies is less sensitive than on our faces, and certainly some of the items are wash off ones, but the potential irritant properties of those ingredients stay the same. Personally, fragrances for the body are something I cannot give up and find less aggravating than on the face. 

Nothing nicer in a mixed beauty advent calendar than the addition of some miscellaneous items to spice things up! Perhaps you would never spend £35 on a scented candle, or you would love to try new fragrances without having to specifically pay the price to test them for a while. The Sephora calendar does not disappoint, offering another well curated section. Offering two perfumes, a scented candle and a nail polish, it gives enough diversity to be fully enjoyable and keep excitement strong. The candle comes in full size, the nail polish’s 10ml will last you for plenty of time while the 10ml perfume will be ideal to take with you on trips. The Mugler fragrance does come in a 5ml size, usually offered as a gift with purchase for free, but it does come in the calendar as an additional item for one of the days, so it receives a free pass from me!  This section is worth a total of £73.5 which makes up 10.5% of the total value of the calendar. Again, it offers some classic brands, such as Nails Inc and Mugler, but it also freshens things up by adding brands such as Floral Street. 

There are a few excellent things about the Sephora beauty advent calendar that are hard to beat: an astonishingly well curated list of contents that offer diversity, not only in the usage of the items but also with the brands. There is something for every step of your beauty routine – remove your makeup after a long day with the cleansers provided, light up a scented candle in the bathroom and use your shower oil to wash up. Apply some body cream after and your face masks, serums, creams and hydrating oils which yes, are all offered in this calendar! You can also nourish your hair with the products provided, and in the morning you can start using some beautiful makeup that will provide enough choices for both your everyday winter routine as well as for exciting Christmas and New Year’s parties. There are even perfumes to choose from and nailpolish. The brands will keep every beauty lover on their tiptoes! With classics, hyped brands, as well as more undiscovered ones, the Sephora calendar really nailed it! 

The only downside to this all is the presence of fragrance and potential skin allergens in so many items

It also contains 34 items instead of 25, which means it will contain more items than your average advent calendar. The worth value is approximately £706.50, five times more than what you pay for, making the value of this calendar an excellent one.

If you are a beauty lover that enjoys every step of their beauty routine, from the shower to hair styling, skincare and makeup application; a lover of iconic brands but also keen to discover more, then I do believe the Sephora beauty advent calendar offers an excellent value at a moderate price. Direct competitor with the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar, as well as other luxury ones, it is priced by about £100 less. 


What do you think of the Sephora Calendar for 2022? Will you purchase it? Let me know in the comments!


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