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Is Tati’s New Halo Beauty Booster Really Anti Aging? A Pharmacist Discusses

Tati Westbrook, owner of Halo Beauty brand, has recently announced the launch of a new product – the Anti Aging Booster. Supposed to make you feel better from within and packed with a new variety of ingredients, Tati claims that the Anti Aging Booster will help you age gracefully. But is that really true? As usual, I invited pharmacist Liliana to explain the ingredients to us and to answer a list of questions. 

Liliana has been a pharmacist for over twenty five years and is currently running her own chain of pharmacies. She has lab experience and is working with pharmaceutical companies that sell vitamins on a daily basis. 


What do the ingredients in the Halo Beauty Anti Aging Booster do? What can they help with?


For a product like a dietary supplement, understanding what the ingredients do is a crucial part. This will allow you to understand what the supplement can achieve and if it is suitable to your needs. Liliana has explained each ingredient in the new Halo Beauty Anti Aging Supplement, pointing out their potential benefits:

Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate)

Zinc is very important for our health, having many functions in the body. One example would be its importance in the synthesis, metabolization, production or the destruction of anything we eat – carbohydrates, lipides, proteins etc. Zinc is involved in many biochemical reactions in the body, having an important role in these. For example, it is important in the synthesis of insulin and testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that forms only in the presence of zinc. Therefore, zinc can be important for men as it helps with prostate issues and impotence. 

Zinc is also important in maintaining the skin, nails and hair healthy. Amongst others, it also keeps the osos system (the bones) healthy. People that lack zinc may have brittle hair and nails and rough skin. Zinc helps heal many fissures into the skin and accelerates the healing of wounds. 

Zinc also strengthens the immune system.

It is also an antioxidant, neutralizing the harmful effect of free radicals. 

Zinc is also essential in maintaining the brain healthy. It is also essential to maintain a normal eyesight. 

Zinc is also recommended for people who do strenuous physical exercise, such as professional sports. 

5.00 mg, 33% DV (Daily Value)

Copper (as Copper Bisglycinate Chelate 10%)

Antiviral and anti-inflammatory. The body mobilizes it when there are infections in the body. 

It is part of various enzyme structures which regulate metabolism. The chemical reactions that happen in the body need catalysts, and these catalysts are called enzymes. 

Copper helps with the synthesis of red blood cells, having an anti anaemic effect. 

It is also involved in the pigmentation of the skin and hair. 

200.00 mcg, 22% DV

Choline (as Choline Bitartrate)

An Amino Acid. Maintains the neurological functions healthy. 

Also keeps the gallbladder healthy, reducing the formation of gallbladder stones. 

It is also a hepatoprotector, helping the liver to be healthy. Choline deficits can lead to liver diseases, eczemas, muscular weakness, memory loss, dizziness and headaches. 

50.00 mg, 9% DV

Black Ginger Extract

An antioxidant, also an anti-inflammatory. It also increases physical endurance. 

It also speeds the metabolism up, giving you more energy and helping you to burn more calories. 

It is also considered the new natural viagra. 

200.00 mg, – DV ( – Daily value not established)

Sakura Flower Extract-PT (Cherry Blossom Flower Extract)


It has skin repairing and calming properties. It is most often used in cosmetics. It can help with hyperpigmentation, making the skin tone more even by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment which gives skin, hair and eyes colour. 

It has an anti-glycation effect. This means that it helps with the excess sugar in the body. When sugar attaches to proteins it destroys collagen and elastin. This results in the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. By having this anti-glycation effect it implicitly enhances the synthesis  of collagen. 

100.00 mg, – DV not established


It helps to have a restful sleep but at the same time it can help you to focus better.

It is an adaptogen, helping in managing stress. Can calm down nerves. It is used in helping with the writer’s blockage because it can stimulate creativity.  

The studies that compared L-Theanine with caffeine showed that L-Theanine stimulates the brain and improves focus without adding the agitation and restlessness that caffeine produces. 

L-Theanine is believed to induce a meditation-like state of mind. It does not make you feel sleepy, but it does relax you. It achieves this without sedating you or creating addictions.  L-Theanine is helpful for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

100.00 mg, – DV not established

Blueberry Extract


It is a brain food, helping with short length memory loss. It also helps your eyesight and can help disinfect the urinary tract.

75.00 mg, – DV not established

Fisetin Extract

Antioxidant found in various fruits and vegetables, such as strawberry, apple, grape, onion and cucumber.

Reduces inflammation.

It keeps the brain healthy, being beneficial for memory.

It also supports the health of the eyes and of the kidneys. 

It also has anti aging properties.

Fisetin helps with removing the senescent cells (aged cells).  

50.00 mg, – DV not established




Helps with the metabolization of glucose. This means that it could have an anti-diabetic effect on some level.

It could also be a neuroprotective agent, improving learning and memory.

Although considered safe even in higher dosages, apigenin can induce muscle relaxation and sedation in a high amount. But in this supplement the dosage is small. 

20.00 mg, – DV not established

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

Plays a role in DNA repair, helping to repair some of the damage that appears as we age. Therefore, it could slow down aging.

15.00 mg, – DV not established


Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

The primary antioxidant component of blueberries.

Could offer neuroprotection, helping with memory and focus. 

Helps against the progressive cellular damage and dysfunction associated with disease-related deterioration.  

10.00 mg, – DV not established


Other Ingredients:


Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (E 464). Emulsifier, stabilizer, thickener and gelling agent.

White Rice Flour

Used as a filler in supplements in order to reach the desired capsule size.

Microcrystalline Cellulose

Makes the outside material of the pill.

Magnesium Stearate

An additive that is primarily used in medication capsules. It prevents the powder from sticking in the machine that creates these capsules.

Silicon Dioxide

Anticaking agent.


Is Tati’s new Halo Beauty Booster really Anti Aging?


Liliana: I think it is. The new supplement combines various properties that can be classified as anti aging – stimulation of the collagen production, it supports cellular regeneration, and has multiple antioxidants. It even has the potential properties of making you feel more rested and to delay to some degree neurological diseases, the degeneration of the nervous system and other diseases mostly associated with aging. It could even help with the slowed metabolization so preponderent with aging. 


What is your opinion on anti-ageing supplements?


Liliana: They need to be taken as a prevention, well in advance. I believe they can help our body to function normally and to age gracefully. I also believe that it is difficult to say that they can only be taken after a certain age, or to give a very specific age group for them. Some people might need them sooner rather than later. I can think of at least a few people under 30 who might benefit from an anti aging supplement like this, for example. 

However, I want to also mention my opinion on the anti aging term as a whole, in order to manage expectations. I talked about this previously, when we looked into JLo Beauty’s supplements. The term ‘anti aging’ is false and demeaning. Nothing is anti aging in its true meaning, I have said this before. Aging can be delayed, the natural processes that happen with age can be slowed… but nothing will keep you young forever. You mentioned that Tati talks about this in her launch video – about aging gracefully rather than stopping it. 



Tati states in her release video that the new Anti Aging Halo Beauty Booster is not about how it will make you look, but how it will make you FEEL. Do you think this claim can be sustained from the ingredients it contains?


Liliana: I think it can be sustained. The new Halo Beauty supplement has several ingredients that could help with the feeling of tiredness, stimulating the brain and improving focus. People underestimate the need to feel more rested and more focused. After that, there are also ingredients that help with digestion. Also, the importance of copper in the red cell synthesis can help you not to be anaemic anymore. These are all extraordinary helpers which will make you feel stronger and potentially improve your spirits.  But ‘feeling better’ varies from person to person, it is debatable what this means. It is a terminology that I hear more and more in the healthcare and pharmaceutical background. There is lots of focus on this at the moment – on making one feeling better, even though the meaning of this is fluid and lacks a certain definition. But I find it common nowadays that companies sell products that make you ‘feel better’.


Would you recommend mixing the Anti Aging Booster with the rest of the Halo Beauty range?


Liliana: The new Halo Beauty supplement does not contain vitamins, having antioxidants and plant extracts. Therefore, yes, I do believe you could combine the Anti Aging Booster with the vitamins in the Halo Beauty range. It will depend on a person’s needs. You should always consult your doctor or your pharmacist before taking supplements, they will be able to suggest the best way of combining different products, if needed. 


Tati mentions in her launch video that copper is scarcely seen in other supplements. Is this true?


Liliana: I have seen copper in many other supplements that I sell in my pharmacies, so I would not say so. But I like the fact that in Tati’s new supplements the level of copper is quite low. This will make the appearance of  side effects quite unlikely. 


What do you think of the claim that the Halo Beauty Anti Aging Booster was originally 60 USD brought down to 50? Do you think this is overpriced? 


Liliana: It is interesting that Tati mentioned that in the release video. It seems to me like a marketing strategy, mentioning how the price was already decreased in order to offer a great deal. The 20% discount offered at the moment through the mailing list is also a marketing strategy, so it makes me wonder if she has a marketing team working for Halo Beauty – which would also increase costs. 

Deciding whether or not this supplement is overpriced though is hard to say. The price will always depend on the primary materials that are used and the technological process. I noticed that usually American vitamins and supplements are more costly than others. In this case I think the fact that the supplements are gluten and dairy free adds to the cost. Moreover, it feels like a niche product, offering a very specific set of qualities. Again, I find it interesting that Tati justified the price by mentioning that the Sakura Flower Extract is very expensive to source. She not only discounted the price from the start but also has the reason as to why it is high in price.

From a production point of view it is hard to tell if the price is correct or not, but from a customer’s perspective, yes, it is expensive. They don’t seem to me to be for the average person who sees their bills going up with astronomic speed at the moment. But it is a niche product in my opinion, targeting a niche category of people. Or perhaps, if you feel like you could greatly benefit from a product like this, you would make the sacrifice and invest in it, at least for short amounts of time. 

I would like to add the fact that this supplement is made and sold in the USA where supplements are not as heavily regulated as in the EU. The purity of ingredients and their dosage is not reviewed or checked by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This is something valid for all supplements sold in the USA. If Halo Beauty paid for their supplements to be certified by an independent tester in order to prove their purity and dosages, this would also justify a higher price. However, at the moment, there is no information regarding that on the official Halo Beauty website. 



How long would you recommend this to be taken for?


Liliana: I would recommend these supplements for moments of crisis in one’s life – stressful periods of our lives, perhaps a rough patch at work, shaky health. I would not recommend taking this product continuously for years and years. Only for certain time periods of our lives when we need the boost. For example, if many deadlines approach at work, this product would be beneficial – it could help with focus, feeling more rested, better. 


How do you recommend to best take this supplement?


Liliana: Considering most of us are active during the daytime, I would recommend that most energizing supplements are taken in the first half of the day. I would say to eat something first, to minimize the chance of your stomach getting irritated or upset from taking supplements on an empty stomach. Perhaps around 15 minutes after eating would be a prime time to take these. 


Do you think the new Halo Beauty Anti Aging Booster is suitable for men as well?


Liliana: Yes, I actually noticed some ingredients being potentially beneficial for men in particular. (Please see table above)


Would you recommend the Halo Beauty Anti Aging Booster as a prevention to diseases associated with old age?


Liliana: Some of the ingredients contained in these supplements are suspected to help prevent cancers, degenerative diseases and so on. However, I was reluctant to admit it for certain, as more studies on humans are needed in order to confirm these claims. I would recommend this product as a potential prevention, in hope that it will slow down the development of certain health conditions… but I would not say this is a treatment, it is a booster, as the name suggests. 


Do you think the Halo Beauty Anti Aging Booster offers anything special on the market?


Liliana: I think it is a niche product and I like the vision behind it. Perhaps similar ingredients can be found on the market, but I still find it unique because it is vegan, gluten and dairy free, sugar and sweetener free.


From a scale of 1 to 10, what is your overall opinion about Tati’s new Halo Beauty Booster? 


Liliana: I would rate it an 8.50. It lacks useless fillers – the list of ingredients is focused and is not very long, which I like. I also really appreciate the fact that it is suitable for people with intolerances  – it has no gluten, no lactose and does not have sweeteners or sugar. 


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This article is for informational purposes only. Please consult your physician or pharmacist before taking any supplements, because they can interact with other medication that you take or with illnesses. The explanations and research are not exhaustive and they serve as a base guideline only. 

This article is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. This article does not have the purpose to endorse supplements.

The cover image is owned by Halo Beauty and is used for review purposes only. For updates and more information on the product, please consult the brand’s official website.


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