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What hides inside a beauty blender?

I think many of us wondered what hides inside a beauty sponge. Is it clean? Is it all filled with bacteria and residue? But we clean it after each use!


The life of my beauty sponge has ended, after many months of use and love, and that’s when I decided a biopsy would clear these questions that many of us have.



The cause of death was clear – too much use. They say you should change your beauty sponge every three months, but that depends of course on how often you use it and how well you clean it and make sure it is still okay for use. Well, I used and cleaned mine more than was advised, however, how many of us can truly say they change their sponge every three months? Whether you had my affordable version of a beauty sponge or the actual 20 USD Beauty Blender, it is another item on the endless list of costs and replacements. I used the big sponge from EcoTools Ecofoam Sponge Duo and it served me well until after months of use bits of the sponge fell off and it wasn’t performing as smoothly as it was at the beginning.


So what did the biopsy reveal?



Well, first of all, the internal organs did not look well – it appears to have been a serious case of foundation poisoning.

At a closer look and a more lengthy evaluation, it appears that all internal organs were severely intoxicated with old makeup. Did I always wash it? Yes I did. Is this what hides in all beauty sponges after a while? It is worth mentioning that because of my very oily skin I always used very long lasting and matte foundations, which seem to be just as hard to clean off the sponge as they are to clean from your face.



My friend contributed to the cause and did a biopsy on her exhausted and long dead beauty sponge (from DM).



While hers had a minor case of foundation intoxication compared to mine, you can still see the dry residue inside the sponge. Her sponge had a more plasticky feeling, feeling more dense, while mine was very soft.

    Well, maybe this will convince us all to really change our sponges more often. Could this be a home for bacteria? Most probably. Maybe now we not only need to ask if certain products break us out but also if our sponge is hygienic enough, especially if we use long lasting foundations and concealers.







If you want to join the cause and do a biopsy on your long dead beauty blender please tweet the result tagging @LipstickCafe_ on Twitter and @lipstickcafe on Instagram.




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