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23 Affordable Christmas Beauty Gifts: luxury items from £4 to £15

This year was difficult for most of us and the budget for Christmas gifts might prove to be tighter than usual. I found some amazing choices of beauty Christmas gifts under £5, £10 and £15. They are so good that you will not believe it! With a mixture of affordability, luxury brands and very well known products, this article is divided into categories according to price to make it easier for you.


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Under £6: Super affordable but also chic


Looking at very affordable gift options should not discourage you, as there are lovely options on the market. 

Champneys Little Pick Me Ups £5

For Who?

People on the go. Vegan friendly 

This lovely set from Champneys costs only £5 and it includes a hand cream in 50ml and an oil with a roller ball in 10ml. It has Bergamot, Ginger and Guaiac Wood essential oils. All Champneys products I have tried before smelt heavenly. 

This set looks like a nice pair and it could be something lovely to use during winter. The hand cream is always a nice product to have around and the oil could be a relaxing touch. Plus, these are vegan and cruelty free!

Baylis & Harding The Signature Range Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Foot Set £6

For Who?

Anyone that stands up on their feet all day. Vegan friendly 

Another lovely set, this time from Baylis & Harding, appropriate for people that like pampering and cosy nights. Perhaps even more appropriate for people that stand on their feet a lot and have pains because of it. The set comes with 25g of foot soak crystals which dissolve in warm water. There is also a foot lotion in 50ml, which will hydrate and further relieve the feet area. The cute touch comes from also containing a pair of soft socks! What else can you wish for a cosy Christmas Day?

Lottie London Eyeshadow Palette The Mauves £4.95

For Who?

Any person that loves wearing eyeshadow 

This is such a gorgeous palette for just £5! It has everyday shades but also some glam. The combination of shades looks very elegant. The touch of lilac gives it a special air and makes it versatile and fun. 

Extra Tip!

Some other versions of this palette are currently on sale on LookFantastic.

Extra Tip!

If your budget allows, you could pair this eyeshadow with an affordable eyeliner. That way, you give the feel that the gift is well thought and complex. For example, see Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Eye Liner in Black for £2.99

Yard English Rose Pure Spray & Hand Cream Collection for Her £5

For Who?

Romantic people with a love for floral scents. Vegan friendly

This is a set of a 50ml hand cream and a 15ml eau de toilette in a scent of rose, citrus, magnolia and warm woody tones. Again, you cannot fail with a hand cream, as it is so necessary in winter. The spray is not very strong, as it is an eau de toilette rather than eau de parfum, but do keep in mind the scent description. The small size for the spray makes it ideal to take it around or just use it as you please. 

KIKO Milano Coloured Balm £5.99

For Who?

Anyone! Nothing nicer than a tinted chic lip balm for winter! 

This is a gorgeous lip balm from the innovative and affordable Kiko Milano brand. The packaging of this product is so pretty! It is a tinted moisturising lip balm that comes in a variety of colours.

Extra Tip!

Pack this item in a nice box or bag with a big bow to make it look extra special.

Essence the Nude Edition Eyeshadow Palette £3.99

For Who?

Anyone that likes makeup and uses a mix of brands within various price points

This is such a pretty palette for just £4! It has gorgeous nude shades of peachy, pink and brown. The colours are wearable, everyday appropriate and elegant. Essence is a lovely super affordable brand that offers quality as well. You can give this to anyone that likes doing their makeup and appreciates affordable brands.

Extra Tip!

If the budget allows you can pair this with an Essence Mascara to make the gift look well thought and extra special. My favourite Essence mascaras are the Lash Princess ones which cost £3. They are fabulous and they have been included in my favourites before. 


Luxury brands for £10 or under 


Who knew there are luxury brands that do gifts for just £10? From shower products to luxury lipsticks, a £10 budget is more than enough to spoil someone. 

Guerlain Luxe Trio £10

For Who? 

Lovers of luxury beauty and red lips

This trio from Guerlain contains a mini sized Kiss Kiss Lipstick in Sexy Coral. The shade is festive appropriate, bright and beautiful and the lipstick comes from no other than Guerlain, which is a luxury brand. You also get the expensive L’Or Radiance Concentrate Primer Mini in 5ml which is a very loved primer amongst beauty influencers. There is also the Mon Guerlain Fragrance in 1ml which is just a tiny sample to carry around with you in your bag. The lipstick does come in a generous enough size, which already makes the £10 worth it. If you know someone that loves luxury beauty but you are scared of the usual prices then this gift set is perfect!

Clarins Makeup Lips and Lashes Cracker £10

For who? 

Beauty lovers that you don’t know what brands, price points or shades they would like 

Another high end brand that gives you some lovely choices for just £10! This Christmas cracker is from Clarins and it contains the Joli Rouge Soft Berry 705 in 1.5ml and the Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara in 3ml. Both items are still more than enough even if they come in mini sizes and they should last for a few months.

 If you want to give a gift to a beauty lover but you are not sure what they would like then you are safe with this set! Every beauty lover uses mascara and the lipstick comes in a wearable shade. The brand is also not very expensive or affordable either so you are safe in that aspect as well. 

Clarins Makeup Prime and Pout Cracker £10

For Who?

Any beauty lovers but perfect for the ones that struggle with dry lips

Similar to the Christmas cracker presented earlier, this is another set from Clarins, this time with a 4ml version of the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer and their popular Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in shade 04 Candy in 2.8ml. The reason I wanted to include this version of the cracker as well is because I am a huge fan of their lip oils. I got the lip oil in shade Honey and it featured on my blog before. It is very moisturising, feels nourishing and rich on the lips and is ideal for everyone with cracked and dry lips. The tiny primer is just a bonus. Again, I believe that the mini size of the lip oil will be more than enough to last for a good couple of months. 

Emma Hardie Moringa Balm with Cleansing Cloth £10

For Who?

Anyone who wears makeup and sunscreen. Suitable for people that enjoy high-end brands as well 

This is a 15ml cleansing balm from Emma Hardie that is very rich, nourishing and that removes makeup and sunscreen. It smells of citrus and it melts on your face. It is one of my favourite cleansing balms and makeup remover products. You can read more about it here. In this set it also comes with the cloth, which will help you gently remove it off your face. 

Be mindful that this contains essential oils. The reason I had the courage to include a skincare product in this gift guide is because I have used this balm both on very oily and very dry skin and it is suitable for both. 

The pros about gifting this to someone that wears makeup is that you don’t have to find out what they like to use. Everyone that wears makeup needs to remove it at the end of the day! 

Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck - Winter Wonderland Mini Stack Gift Set £10

For Who?

People that love everything Christmas. Vegan friendly

This set has a 100ml body wash, a 100ml shower creme, a 50ml tube hand cream, a 50ml body cream, a body polisher and bath crystals. The scents are Frosted Cranberry and Mulberry & Mistletoe which are so Christmas appropriate and will enchant any Christmas fan. Surely you know that person that changes all their toiletries before Christmas so they smell more holiday-appropriate! For £10 the value of this is incredible and it offers a bit of everything! 

Ghost Sweetheart Eau de Toilette 5ml Set £9

For Who?

Fragrance fans 

The sets from Ghost attracted my attention because of their cute concept. The sets come for various scents they have, and each eau de toilette bottle’s colour is matched with a nailpolish and a box. The eau de toilette comes in 5 ml while the nail polish comes in full size. This is a slightly riskier choice, as you would need to know a bit about the person’s taste in fragrance. However, for £9 this is still a nice gift for someone that is not necessarily that much into high-end and luxury products and will appreciate a lovely matched set. 

Extra Tip! 

If you read the descriptions for the various scents and you still have no idea which ones would be most suitable, focus on the colour of nail polish instead. Not everyone wears dark nail polish for example. 

Moroccanoil Mini Must Haves - Dark Tones £10 (available in light tones as well)

For who? 

Anyone, as they are must haves for the hair 

Moroccanoil is a high end brand that is well known for its quality. It usually is pretty expensive but this set costs only £10. It contains the Moroccanoil Treatment in 15ml and a dry shampoo in 65ml. Although the treatment sounds like it only comes in a tiny size, it is a hair oil so it will last for a while anyway. This set comes for dark or for light hair. 

Revolution Pro Ultimate Eye Look So Jaded Palette £8

For who? 

Beauty lovers that do not shy away from a dark smokey eye

This eyeshadow palette from Revolution is such a gorgeous product for just £8 (currently reduced from £10). The packaging is stunning, with emerald greens, stones and crystals. It is a special looking product. The palette has two shimmery neutrals with a pair of dark emerald green and a unique dark green. The combination of colours is so beautiful and the warm toned greens look very flattering in combination with the gold. 

Extra Tip!

There are other versions of this product as well with various focuses on a colour palette such as purple, rose and golden. The packaging for the blue one, the Revolution Pro Ultimate Eye Look Ocean Treasure Palette is gorgeous as well! 

Ted Baker Havenly Lips Duo Gift Set £7

For Who?

Anyone who loves bold lip colours 

This set from Ted Baker contains a chic raspberry red liquid matte lipstick which is festive and Christmas appropriate. This shade will suit all skin tones and is a very flattering colour. The set also contains a nude nail polish that looks elegant and will be a nice addition to anyone that pays attention to their looks. 

Ted Baker CHARPIA Polly charm lip gloss and perfume set £10

For who?

Anyone but particularly people on the go that also like to experiment with new fragrances 

Another Christmas beauty gift recommendation from Ted Baker which I could simply not resist to not include it. It looks so good and chic and I love the concept as well. It has a lip gloss and eau de toilette. It comes in various shades and I think that for £10 this is a lovely and cute choice. The eau de toilette comes in only 5ml but that makes it ideal for carrying it around in a bag.

Extra Tip! 

The eau de toilette scent also changes with every box so it is worth checking the descriptions for each first. 

Feel Unique Most Wanted Stocking Filler £10

For Who?

Any beauty lover, including mature ones with a love for high end brands 

The extra excitement brought by this stocking filler comes from the fact that it has a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick – the Hot Lips 2.0 Lipstick in Viva La Vegara. This is a mini size product but as I have mentioned before, mini lipsticks last for quite a while. 

The shade is a beautiful mauve brown that looks sophisticated and elegant. Besides the lipstick there is also the Benefit They’re Real Mascara in 3g which is another popular and very loved item. Again, a mini size mascara will give more than enough usage. This set is absolutely amazing and for £10 it can even be offered to mature people that appreciate high-end brands!

Autograph 5 Pack Mini Nail Polish Gift Set £9.50

For Who?

People that love to paint their nails and always have a nice manicure. Vegan Friendly

The nailpolish colours in this set are so pretty! There is a light golden shimmer, a pink, a gorgeous Christmas appropriate berry red, a duochrome elegant purple and a vibrant blue. It is suitable for both conventional manicures and also for more daring ones. 

Variety for under £15

If your budget extends to £15 this will include some more options, such as aromatherapy, brushes sets and more products from high end brands. 

No7 Core Collection Brush Set £14.50

For Who?

Anyone that enjoys using makeup 

This is a bit of a cheat as it is currently reduced from £30. However, No7 is a very loved brand and this brush set does look good and it is worth considering it while on sale. It has a foundation, a concealer, an eyeshadow and a blusher brush. This is another safe choice for a beauty lover, as anyone that does their makeup will use brushes.

Tisserand Aromatherapy Time To Unwind Collection £10

For Who?

People that deal with stress, anxiety or have a busy schedule

This aromatherapy set is currently reduced from £20 and contains a fantastic mix consisting of a candle, a mist and a roller ball. The products contain essential oils from Geranium, Orange and Nutmeg. The ingredient list has some divine scents listed. The candle comes in 80g, the mist in 100ml and the de-stress roller ball in 10ml. The sizes are generous and this could be a lovely set to use on dark winter days, especially in such stressful times as these days.

Extra Tip!

Don’t panic if a product is out of stock. Boots renew their stock within two weeks.

Sunday Rain Mango & Coconut Body Butter £6 with Sunday Rain Mango & Coconut Bath Salts £6

For Who?

Anyone – body butters and body products in general are always handy to have. Vegan friendly

These two products are also featured in gift sets, but I presented them separately because the individual products come in much bigger sizes. If you buy them separately, they come in 250ml and 500g respectively. The size is therefore very generous and would allow a lot of usage. I chose these items because of their interesting scent of mango and coconut which is slightly different than the standard Christmas cinnamon and citrus. Also, it is always lovely to use a body butter in winter, and for someone that loves baths the salts will come in extra handy for relaxing evenings. If the person you want to give this to does not have a bath tub, you can replace the salts with any other Mango & Coconut product from the same brand.

Extra Tip!

Sometimes people enjoy luxurious and high-end brands more. If that is the case, you can purchase one of the sets with mini products for them. However, if the person is not that interested in brands and high end products, you can trick the eye by getting larger products from more affordable brands. No one will know you spend only around £10 if the products come in large sizes!

Extra Tip!

Boots currently have a 3 for 2 promotion on all Christmas gifts. Therefore, you could get the body butter, the bath salt and the bubble bar for the same price of £12!

Clinique Pop Treats Set £15

For who?

People that love wearing lip products 

This is another gorgeous set from a high end brand, this time for £15. Clinique is a very well known brand on the market. This set contains the Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Love Pop, which is a primer infused with moisturising ingredients. The second item in the set is the Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration in Air Kiss. The primer looks like a lipstick and comes in a gorgeous shade of deep berry, while the lip gloss is nude. This is an amazing set for anyone that likes to wear lip products. The presentation of the box is also beautiful.

Clinique Beauty Bauble Set £15

For who? 

Anyone that wears makeup or sunscreen 

This is another set from Clinique that contains two different products. The Beauty Bauble Set has the very loved Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm in 15ml. Anyone that wears makeup or sunscreen will enjoy a balm that removes it all at the end of the day. Plus, you also get a mini size mascara, the High Impact Mascara in Black. Compared to the previous set from Clinique, the Bauble Set is safer, in terms that any beauty lover will need a balm and a mascara, so you don’t have to worry if they would enjoy the lipstick colour or not. 

Extra Tip!

Look Fantastic currently has a code displayed on their website for 30% off! 


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