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TESTED and LOVED quality beauty GIFTS under £30

Each of us knows someone dear to us that loves cosmetics. Whether they are a connoisseur or they just like to experiment with makeup occasionally, Christmas is the perfect time to gift nice additions to their collection. 

This list does not contain guesses or sponsored items. Everything has been tested and loved for months, some even for years, and they all are favourites of mine. 


L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara and Primer, £11.99 each


This gift is suitable for anyone who wears makeup, regardless if they are a beginner or more advanced. Mascara is a must have in any makeup kit and these two products are, in my opinion, giving the best results. The mascara provides plenty of volume, length and curl, while the primer, if used before the mascara, makes the lashes so wow you will look like you are wearing false eyelashes. 

I have seen the two sold as a set before, however I could not find it this time. Regardless, they both come in beautiful packaging that can be tied in together with a big bow perhaps, for a nicer effect.

If you want to read a full review of these two products, I do have an article about them.



Inglot x Jennifer Lopez Livin’ the Highlight Illuminator for eyes, face and body, £20

This one, again, is a useful item in any makeup lover’s kit – a gorgeous highlighter that can be used for eyes, face and body. If you know someone that loves sparkles and glitters, this highlighter will surely make them smile. It is one of my favourite highlighters because it lasts for a long time, it can be built from a light sheen to a more intense look and because it is… well, a collaboration with Lopez. It comes in two shades, a light and a dark one. 

On sale now, which makes it affordable, this is a lovely, sparkly gift. However, I think you can only purchase it online, so if you do want to gift it to someone, perhaps order it in advance. 

If you want to read a full review of this product, I do have an article about it. In fact, it is one of the first articles I wrote, so go give it some love! 



Stila Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow Set, £29 for a set of three


These are so sparkly and gorgeous on the eyes, they are the perfect Christmas gift for anyone courageous enough for a bit of glitter and shine on their eyes. The set presented here is not the one I have tried, as it had other colours, which you can see in the cover image of this article.

They are very easy to apply, either with the applicator or more sparsely with a brush. They have been raved online for a very long time – this time, with good reason behind it. They are magnificent! I have tried many other glitters and I always come back to these. They do not fall under the eyes, are easy to apply and they look elegant. 

The shades are very beautiful as well so you have a lot to choose from. Colours and textures vary.


A classic red lipstick


Red lipstick is a statement, is universal and a classic in the history of makeup. To be extra special and to make sure it suits everyone, I believe you need to look for a bright red with blue undertones, so that it whitens the teeth and does not discourage anyone from wearing it. I was going to recommend the gorgeous Burberry Military Red lipstick (£25), but apparently it is sold out online apart from here

If not the Burberry one, try and buy it from a well-known brand if possible, to make it extra special and a gift that perhaps most would not offer it to themselves. Wearing red on your lips is not just classy because of the way it looks, it has to be an elegant experience, and a more luxurious brand will offer that. If you feel a bit lost, think of the veterans in the beauty industry, like MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown etc. Most of them have that classic shade of red.

If you want this to be THE gift, pack the lipstick in a large flat box, with loose thin paper inside and close the box with a big satin bow. This will give it an extra special feel.



Real Techniques Brush Set, usually around £20 but it can vary


Tools are very important in the makeup application and they can help the process or ruin it. Makeup brushes are always welcomed in someone’s collection. Real Techniques make some really good ones for a fraction of the price of other brands. The sets are various, versatile and you definitely have a lot to choose from. 

Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Set (£20) is an example of a no-mistake set, as it contains basics that everyone needs. If you know that someone already has many brushes, you could try and gift something more particular, like the Enhanced Eye set (£20), as most people that wear makeup frequently will need more eye brushes than anything else. 

I own most of their brushes and I love the sponge too. I think that for the price they offer amazing quality. The packaging they come into is not the best, but you can always enhance it with some creative ideas, like adding bells on the ribbon, a satin bow or if you put it in a box first before wrapping it. Right now they have all sort of limited editions with sparkle and a more attractive packaging, including glittery finishes on the brushes! (see promotional image above). The limited editions vary from shop to shop.


You can see most of these recommendations on my Youtube Channel.


Please let me know in the comments below what YOU would like to receive or gift for Christmas. In the meantime, if you ever get too worried about gifts and it all gets too stressful, read my conversation with people of various ages and backgrounds, and see what people really think the perfect Christmas gifts are… 



Happy Holidays! 



Disclaimer: Cover image and Christmas image (C) Lipstick Cafe. All other images are not my own. They are promotional images from the brands.

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