What is the perfect Christmas gift?

Every year for Christmas everyone is asking the same thing – what should I buy for the ones I love? Weeks in advance people start to become busy bees and look for the perfect gift… but what is the perfect gift? Have you ever wondered what would your parents answer to this question? Or your close friends? I was curious and I asked several people to answer this question for me, in hope that you and I understand better what people expect to receive for the Holidays… and the answers surprised me.

‘I already have everything I want regarding material objects. What I do not always have and I think it would be perfect for Christmas, is to be together with my family and have the Christmas meal together and to see that everyone is happy and feels good.’

Bogdan, 24

‘I believe that Christmas is about people, about family, warmth and kindness, about the magic moment when you are together with the ones you love. I believe that memories are the perfect gift… and what could be more beautiful than travelling, because everyone loves to discover the world. On the other hand, I think that just gathering the family together around the Christmas tree is enough. Unwrapping gifts made with love is wonderful, especially if they represent something you like and means something to you. A gift should strengthen the link between you and the one that the gift is for. That is what I think… that Christmas is #magic.’

Iulia, 24

Baia Mare, Romania, sent by Iulia

‘I like to get people semi-practical gifts like body shop body butters. Not an essential item but more useful than a candle and other pretty but useless stuff! I think books are a perfect gift as well. I’m not fond of jewellery as I think it’s difficult to pick a jewellery item for someone you don’t know very well. Also, people spend too much money because they think they are supposed to, and then others feel like they have to reciprocate. It is a vicious circle.’

W., 31
London, UK, sent by W.

’The perfect Christmas gift would be something you can use, but which is also very personal to the relationship of the person giving it. For example, it might be a really nice diary from a person you adventure with a lot, or a nice t-shirt from a band you shared a nice concert/festival with.’

Gavin, 25

‘I think the perfect gift is something thoughtful rather than flashy, knowing that someone has really put time and effort in to think of what you will use!’

Zoe, 22
Ashburton, New Zealand, sent by Zoe

‘The perfect Christmas gift? A bottle of French Champagne. That's it. I'm a woman of simple pleasures.’

A., 43

 ‘An amazing Christmas gift would be to wake up and see lots of snow outside and my parents waiting for me to open presents. It would be perfect if my grandma were there as well, even if that is not possible.’

Marta, 24
Aberdeen, UK, sent by Marta

‘The ‘’perfect’’ gift would be a card signed by everyone I love and care about with a small blurb of how their year went, good or bad, signed with love and care. That's a lot to ask for, so I'd settle for a year supply of protein powder or a Gengar plushie!’

Connor, 23

'When buying gifts for my close friends and family I try to find out in advance if there is anything they need or would like to have and try to buy it for them.'
M., 33

‘Good food, good wine, good company.’

P., 48

‘The perfect Christmas gift to me would probably be a weekend trip to a city. It can either be a girly shopping weekend in London with your best friend, or a romantic getaway to Rome with your partner. I couldn’t think of a better gift than making memories together!’

Adelisa, 23
Prague, Czech Republic, sent by Adelisa

‘Love and respect are the perfect gifts. An honest hug. Objects do not matter.’

Iudit, 75


Lipstick Cafe wishes you Merry Christmas!

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