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Amazing Free resources about Beauty and Fashion

I compiled a list of amazing things to do while at home, which are not only entertaining but can also be educational. Ranging from online courses to fun, short videos, these resources are all FREE and accessible online.


There is an array of online courses for free online. Many are provided by renowned universities. Here are some that might be of interest:

Innovation in Fashion

Introducing a case study of Marks and Spencer’s fashion, you can learn a lot about innovation in fashion advertising, share your findings with other learners and learn more about fashion outside the retail sector. 

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Understanding Fashion

A slightly more lengthy course, it encompasses how the fashion industry changed aspects of Western Culture over 150 years. This course is provided by the Institut Francais de la Mode. It includes inputs from the CEO’s at Channel, Hermes and YSL and others. Tackling other interesting topics, such as fashion and gender,  this one certainly looks like one of my favourite courses. 

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Fashion and Sustainability

This one is provided by the London College of Fashion. The lengthiest recommendation so far, spreading over a course of six weeks, three hours per week, it tackles the sensitive topic of fashion and sustainability. I think this is a popular topic nowadays, and it is worth finding all about fashion and its effects on the environment, as well as what are brands doing to improve.

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Royals and Fashion

This one is for those of you interested in how society or class can influence fashion. Provided by University of Glasgow and Historic Royal Palaces, it explores how British royalty influenced fashion over the span of 500 years. It spreads for five weeks with four hours of study weekly. 

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The easiest option, of course, because it requires you to just sit in bed and relax, is to watch videos, documentaries and films about topics that you love. Whether it be fashion or makeup, the online world is certainly not lacking content. 

Makeup looks in history

Made by celebrity makeup artists Lisa Eldridge, this video shows her creating an array of looks that were fashionable throughout history. Only six minutes long, it is top-quality content and very entertaining at the same time!

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Makeup Trends East/West

How do our beauty standards differ across the globe? Does geography really influence trends in makeup? Almost half an hour long, it is an amazing video to watch by any beauty lover that wants to find out more about beauty trends in different cultures. 

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Geo-political approach to makeup

This video sheds light on makeup and political regimes. A forbidden luxury in North Korea, women give testimonies of their fight to own and use cosmetic products.

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Beauty in a Jar

This is a documentary about changes in beauty ideals in the American society over the course of the 20th century and how this influenced women. Filled with vintage footage and testimonials, it certainly looks like it’s worth a watch. 

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If you want to read about interesting topics related to beauty and fashion, here are some gems I found online.

How Ancient Egypt shaped our idea of beauty

The title of this article is self-explanatory. Written by the art critic Alastair Sooke, it is an interesting read about Egyptian culture and their beauty rituals.

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Virtually loan books from your local library

I know this is a bit of a cheat, but I thought it is so amazing I had to include it in this article. If you live in the UK and you have a council library membership, you can download the App Borrow Box on your phone, log in with your library membership card and virtually loan eBooks. I think the available eBooks vary from library to library but there is a chance they will have some material on beauty and fashion, or at least about royal attire and history (if not, at least now you can read a lot of books from home). Even if you do not live in the UK it is worth checking what your local library has to offer – eBooks are popular nowadays!

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The Evolution of Makeup

A medium sized article about the history of makeup which tells you enough but does not overload you with details.

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Giorgio Armani

This is a book published for the exhibition Giorgio Armani held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Musem, New York in 2000. The museum made the entire book accessible online. With almost 500 pages, it has interviews, analysis of fashion collections and images.

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Finally, the last option is to just… listen. Whether you choose to do this while organising things in the house, drawing or while you comfortably sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, these podcast are lovely to listen to. 

At Home with… Terry De Gunzburg

A relaxing podcast with Terry de Gunzburg, the founder of by Terry. Find out about her vision for the cosmetic line and more about her life and what inspired her throughout her career. I always find it interesting to find out more about the people behind a brand.

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Beauty for those in need

Listen to the author, journalist and co-founder of The Beauty Banks in the UK, a charity that provides cosmetic products to those in need. This is a topic I don’t know much about and I would love to learn more – and I am sure you want to find out more too.

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