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Harry Potter Advent Calendar – Is it magical?

ON SALE £23.33 (was £35)


This one seems like the obvious choice for someone that is a fan of both beauty and Harry Potter… but is it the best option? Does it offer quality or just hype? Are the products inside any good?


Makeup: 6 items

The way this calendar works is that is has the same product in four varieties, according to the four houses in Harry Potter: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Therefore, there are four colour changing lipsticks, each for a house. The colour of the lipstick bullet matches the houses’ colour, so for example the lipstick with Slytherin written on it, has a dark green colour, which of course, changes colour on your lips.  

You also get a designed eyeshadow brush which is fluffy, which I think would be brilliant to use that for powdering the face as well. The design is a wand, which is detailed and beautiful. 


Skincare: 1 item

You get an eye mask, which I think might suit most people and is a nice thing to have.



BATH, BODY & OTHER: 18 items


Bath: 9 items

You get five bath fizzers, each in a different fragrance, and four bath essences. The fifth is in the shape of a golden snitch, rather than being associated with one house. Bath fizzers are lovely to receive for Christmas, that is if you actually have a bath tub! Keep in mind that you get five in this calendar, so it might not be worth it if you cannot use them.


Body: 4 items

You get four hand creams, again, each with a different packaging to correspond to the houses and different fragrances. 


Nails: 4 items

You get four nail polishes with the associated colours of the houses. The Gryffindor nail polish has a dark red colour and has a metallic finish, which again, might not have the most expensive feel to it, depending on whether you like metallic nail polishes or not. Ravenclaw is a navy blue, Slytherin is dark green and Hufflepuffs is a mustard yellow. 


Film: 1 item

Yes, you heard that right, for Christmas day they give you a digital download of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which is very sweet as Harry Potter films are very Christmas appropriate! Bonus point: you can wear the eye mask while watching it! 




This calendar is aimed for the Harry Potter fans, so the inspired design will certainly please the fans. Some of the packaging (the lipsticks in particular) looks cheap but I think that overall this gives a nice experience. The box is attractive as well with an elegant touch.



This is an exciting purchase for an avid Harry Potter fan, however, even so, you might find that the repetitiveness of the products (four of each) is a bit too much. I wish they kept the idea but gave more of a variety. The digital download of the film is a very nice touch, and I like that it does not have much skincare. It looks fun, but I would personally prefer more of a variety. Considering this calendar has almost the same price as the Macmillan calendar, it offers a lot less. You pay mostly for the Harry Potter inspired packaging, but even so, the bath fizzers have nothing to do with it (apart from the one that looks like a Gold Snitch). 

I think the quality of the products inside is not the best, and that you might be better off buying just one Harry Potter inspired product with £23, which will look and perform better. That being said, there is nothing stopping you from getting this calendar regardless, if you really want it. However, if you want to gift it to someone that loves beauty, I think you are better off choosing another calendar and just getting a Harry Potter inspired gift on the side. 


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