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Is it repetitive? The Macmillan Beauty Advent Calendar x Boots

NOW ON SALE £30 (was £40)


The Macmillan Beauty Advent Calendar with Boots is usually a much-desired calendar. From each purchase there is a £2 donation to the Macmillan Cancer Support, so this calendar usually offers a good deal and a good deed. But is it repetitive? Are there products you would like?


Makeup: 9 items

With nine items of makeup it is not bad for the makeup lover. An eyeshadow palette from Sleek with twelve shades, mostly violets and cool tones, which is pretty cool if you need another eyeshadow palette – you could gift this to someone as well. There are two lip products, Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker in a beautiful, nude shade, and Sleek’s Lip Shot in a deep burgundy. 



There is a clear gel for your eyebrows and eyelashes which is always handy to have, but nothing exciting, and a black eyeliner, which again, always handy to have but nothing exciting. 

There are four makeup tools: two brushes and an eyelash curler. Pretty handy as you can never have enough brushes, but I personally have a few eyelash curlers already, one from last year’s Boots with Macmillan calendar. The sponge is bad, I received that one in last year’s calendar as well and it is very hard, causing patchiness on your face. 


Skincare: 8 items

The No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream is fantastic, as I received it in last year’s calendar. It makes my eyes look significantly less tired and diminishes the dark under circles. It costs £18, now on sale for £13.5. I have sensitive eyes, and this does not irritate the delicate skin around my eyes.

We have two lip balms, which is a bit disappointing, but it is something everyone could use.

The Liz Earle Pure Cotton Cloth and the Cleanse & Polish were in last year’s calendar as well and they are good. The cleanser has a mint smell which is not my favourite, but it is nice to use from time to time. We also get an Instant Skin Tonic from Liz Earle, which may or may not suit your skin. 

We have two skin illuminators, the No7 Skin Illuminator and the Radiance Balm from Botanics. Both may or may not suit your skin type. As a person that chooses its skincare products very carefully, I would personally not use these two for the simple fact that I already have a complex and full skincare routine. 


BATH AND BODY: 7 items

Seven bath and body lotions are not too much but very close to it. The Soap & Glory body butter and the shower gel will certainly not disappoint as I find that their products smell amazing. 50ml and 75ml respectively, they are not bad sizes at all and are a nice treat. Champneys is another good brand for bath and body care products, and in this calendar,  we get a softening hand cream with SPF15, which is amazing. The reason I am saying this is because our hands will age significantly (together with our face) for the reason that they are always exposed to sunlight. A hand cream that contains sunscreen is genius. The Foot butter might as well be a nice addition to your collection, unless you already have 100 body lotions and potions. 

The Joules Bath Fizzer was in last year’s calendar as well. It does not have an amazing quality, usually having a predictable fresh smell but it is still nice to use (that is if you have a bath tub).  We get another body wash, this time from Joules and a Body mist. 


Compared to last year’s calendar we have seven items that are exactly the same; eight even, if we count the eyelash curler, which is not exactly the same, but it is still an eyelash curler. On top of that we get some shower gels and body lotions again, but I assume that they come in different fragrances. 



I find the box is not as aesthetically pleasing as others and the colour might not suit most people’s homes. It could be argued that the emerald looking green reminds of the elves’ costumes or whatever you want to say to make it feel Christmassy. Macmillan’s logo is dark green so the choice of colour of the calendar could be in correspondence to the charity, but I do not see it as necessary. Every £2 from a purchased calendar goes to Macmillan Cancer Support, which might add to your decision to purchase the calendar. That being said, you can donate the £2 yourself to any charity of your choice otherwise. 



The value of the products inside is around £140 so it is not a bad deal, but the M&S would be better in this regard. However, the Macmillan calendar is technically £35 cheaper as well.

Most of these products are too repetitive for me and it lacks the wow factor a bit. While I would use most of it apart from the skincare, it seems so and so. This decision is vastly influenced by the fact that I already have eight items from this from last year’s calendar. However, if you did not have last year’s, I think this is a nice calendar, and for £30 it is DEFINITELY worth it.


Disclaimer: This blogpost is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. Please note that I do not mention each individual product, although they are all counted in the categories. For a full list of products, please consult the sellers. None of these images are my own; images used for informational purposes only.


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