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Bath and Body paradise: Soap & Glory Advent Calendar

ON SALE £31.5 (was £42)


If you are on the hunt for body and bath products and are a fan of scents, fragrances and everything bubbly, then this calendar will be for you. With ups and downs, it has the potential to be delicious.


Makeup: 3 items

Two Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses, one in a nude shade, the other one in a soft warm pink. While they look wearable and like they would suit everyone, they are supposed to add volume to your lips and give a tingling feeling. I personally do not like that, as it irritates my lips. These two products are also in the Macmillan x Boots Advent Calendar.

The Eyes Cream Liquid Eyeshadow looks gorgeous and it is very shiny (golden colour). It also seems very festive. 

Overall, while I personally prefer more makeup in a beauty advent calendar, this one is aimed towards bath and body products fan, so the three makeup items are an added bonus.


Skincare: 4 items

There are three masks (two for the face, one of the eyes) and one cleanser. They are all single use masks so to me that is a bit disappointing. Given the fact that other calendars have decent sized skincare products, or even full ones, this is not the best. There is a radiance-boosting mask with Vitamin C, a Super-Hydrating Miracle Moisture mask and Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches. The Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash (50ml) could be a nice addition unless you are sensitive to one of the ingredients (may or may not suit you, as usual with every skincare product). 




Body: 10 items

Ten shower gels, body butters, hand creams and what not. This might seem excessive, but not so much if you love these sort of things (you can use them throughout the entire year!). Soap & Glory creams and shower gels smell absolutely delicious so I am sure most of you will really enjoy this. 


Bath: 4 items

This section will only be exciting if you have a bath tub. You get two bath soaps in the shape of a rose (which I think float on water), which are cute, and two bath fizzers. They are all limited edition, but the duplicates have the same fragrance as well which is not the best. 


Hair: 1 items

A dry shampoo that smells delicious – couldn’t hurt anyone! I love the deluxe sizes of dry shampoo in general, as they are very handy to have. 



Given the fact that most of these smell amazing, I can imagine the experience is a lovely one. If you love using fragranced shower gels and body products then this calendar could bring some excitement to you. That being said, you will probably not use most of the shower products all at once, so while the experience of opening a door and getting a new product every day is nice, keep in mind that with this type of calendar you will probably experience the products later on during the year.

The box looks cute and fun, nothing bad to say about that. 



While this calendar has the least amount of makeup items, for some reason I am very excited about all the shower gels and body butters! I had the chance to use some Soap & Glory products and the fragrances are insanely good! To be honest, this could be a safe choice for anyone, as there aren’t many skincare products, and anyone would enjoy some good shower gels and body creams! You could also gift a full-size body cream to someone for Christmas if you think you have too many! On the reduced price (£31.5) this might be worth it and a delicious experience for a few good months afterwards! 

Speaking of the value of the products inside, this calendar is worth £70, so it offers double the value for the price. Not a bad deal, but compared to other calendars it could be better! 

While I do not think that having so many body and bath products is a bad thing, do keep in mind that this is focused on those categories. If you want to gift this to someone very excited about makeup or hair care, then be aware that this might not be the one. On the other hand, if you want to gift a beauty advent calendar to someone but you are not sure if they wear much makeup or if they are picky with skincare, then this is a safe choice, as I previously mentioned. 

Disclaimer: This blogpost is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. Please note that I do not mention each individual product, although they are all counted in the categories. For a full list of products, please consult the sellers. None of these images are my own; images used for informational purposes only.


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