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Book Recommendation for cold October days. PS. You’ll love it…

Cecelia Ahern: PS. I Love You (2004)


Key Words: love, family, life, struggle, recovery, friendship, grieve  

Best read: anytime, writing style is easy to follow and relaxing, although quite captivating (you’ve been warned!)

Top Tip: It is a well-known book that was also adapted to a film. Read the book first.


So many of us live our busy lives, running around places and occasionally remembering to do some important things for us once in a while. Time is passing and perhaps we often forget about its importance. Cecelia Ahern’s book, PS. I Love You, has become over the years a hit in the book world – and with good reason. Holly, the protagonist of the book, loses her husband due to illness before her 30th birthday. Although she is surrounded by family and friends, it takes a long time to deal with the shock and with the thought she will never spend another day with the love of her life and with her best friend. Highschool sweethearts, Gerry was Holly’s soulmate, as they say, and they matured into adulthood together. Through the cloud of pain and negation of what had just happen, Holly discovers that Gerry left her letters. Each month had its dedicated letter written by him, guiding Holly through her new life as a widow.

The book does a very good job at portraying the pain Holly goes through, remembering the reader how precious life is, and how every moment with the ones that we love matters so much.


‘They [everyday chores] were just formalities, something else to check off on the ‘’things that normal people do’’ list. None of them filled the hole in her heart’


Tackling issues such as losing your partner, as well as friends forgetting about you during difficult times, Ahern manages to bring sunlight on the topics nevertheless, and her optimism shines through. It is very easy to immerse in the world that the book creates, the writing flowing naturally and very engaging. It is captivating and full of emotion.



The book has a positive message nonetheless, reminding us to live our life to its fullest. The feelings of sorrow that Holly feels throughout the story are reminiscent of everyone’s pains throughout life, and stands as a remembrance that everyone is going, eventually, through more difficult times. Ahern also beautifully sets up complex characters who are neither perfect nor evil, letting natural feelings of selfishness, guilt, unhappiness and happiness appear in the characters’ lives suddenly and unexpected. Because, at the end of the day, none of us are just good or bad, we are all mixes of contradicting feelings and life is full of those as well.

Putting invaluable importance on love and support from others, PS. I Love You is well written, touches the heart and reminds the reader about what is actually important in life.

“Sometimes there is only one thing left to say, P. S. I Love You…”


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