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Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2022: A Story For Any Beauty Lover?

Find out all its secrets and concepts… The Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar is a popular one, year by year. But is the 2022 one any good? Does it contain a good mix of products? Who is it most suitable for? How does it compare to last year’s calendar? 


 Subscribers £80, Non-Subscribers £90 worth over £500


CONTENTS: Total of 26 items


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


MAKEUP: 7 items 


Eyes: 4 items 


The Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar for 2022 contains a bespoke eyeshadow palette from Luvia. This is the Luvia Bespoke 2 Pan Eyeshadow Palette which contains two warm colours. There is a matte dark brown and a coppery shimmery shade. The value of the palette is unknown.  Luvia is a cruelty free and vegan brand. 

Following a usual makeup routine, there is also a Black Eye Pencil from Inika. This comes in full size (1.1g) and costs £21. The formula is supposed to be rich and creamy. Anyone could benefit from a black eyeliner pencil as it is a staple in anyone’s makeup collection. This product is vegan. 

Finishing up the eyes, there is also a mascara. This is the Iconic London Triple Threat Mascara in full size (9ml) which costs £20. Supposed not to clump your lashes but to still give an impressive fluttery look, this mascara is also vegan and cruelty free. 

The Look Fantastic Calendar for 2022 also contains a brow product. That is the West Barn Co Gel Brows which comes in a full size of 5g and costs £15. This is a clear brow styling gel, which will suit any brow colour. The brow gel is vegan and cruelty free. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Complexion: 1 item 


There is only one item for the complexion in the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar for 2022. This is the By Terry Mini Hydra-Pressed Powder in a deluxe size which costs £18. This powder can be used to set makeup, to create a soft focus finish on the skin and to control the shine. I received this mini powder for free with an order from SpaceNK recently. I have been using this powder for a few weeks now and so far I really like it, as it achieves its claims without making my makeup look too dry on my dry and dehydrated skin. It is also quite a generous size that will probably last you for a really long time. This powder is vegan. 


Lips: 2 items 


There are two items for the lips included in the Look Fantastic Calendar for 2022. These are a lipstick and a lip gloss, making a nice combination. The Revolution Satin Kiss Lipstick comes in the shade Ruby. This is full size which costs £5. Ruby is a gorgeous neutral vintage red, ideal for parties during the winter holidays. This lipstick is vegan and cruelty free. 

The Revolution Pout Bomb Gloss in Glaze comes again in a full size worth £5. This is a high shine gloss that has Vitamin E. However, it is also mentioned that it gives a soft tingling to the lips for volume. To achieve this tingling effect it contains the irritant and skin sensitising Menthoxypropanediol high up on the ingredient list. One lovely thing about the gloss is that it comes in a translucent shade so you could pair it with any lipstick colour in your collection. This product is cruelty free. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary

SKINCARE: 12 items 


Cleansers: 2 items 


As usual, for the review of the skincare section the contents have been divided according to steps in the skincare routine. Starting with the cleansing routine, the Look Fantastic Calendar for 2022 does give you one option. This is the popular and loved Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm which comes in a deluxe size of 20g which is worth around £9. This balm should remove makeup and sunscreen. It contains hydrating ingredients and promises to leave a soft skin. However, this does contain a multitude potential skin sensitisers, such as Orange, Lavender and perfume. It also contains the potentially skin allergens Geraniol, Limonene and  Linalool.

To massage the balm into the skin you get the option of using a tool. This is the PMD Clean Mini which comes in full size and is worth £59. This is a cleansing device with a brush made of silicone that never needs changing. It operates with batteries and gives customisable settings. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary

Serums and masks: 7 items 


The serum and masks section is a blend of various products intended for the face, eyes and lips. Starting with an exfoliating serum, there is The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA  which comes in a full size of 30ml which costs £6.90. Mandelic acid is a gentler exfoliant than other Alpha Hydroxy Acids which makes it suitable even to sensitive skin types. It also contains hydrating ingredients such as Propanediol and Sodium Hyaluronate. It is free of fragrance and of the 26 potential skin allergens signalled by the EU. It is also vegan and cruelty free. 

Another serum is the Zelens Tea Shot Urban Defence Serum which comes in 10ml and costs £35. This serum is packed with antioxidants which will protect the skin against pollution and daily aggressors.  It also contains moisturising ingredients. It is free of fragrance but it does contain the potential skin allergen Benzyl Alcohol. 

A nice addition to the calendar is the Disciple Gia Sha which is a face massaging tool. Its value is unknown. This tool could be beneficial in helping you massage into the skin these serums and masks. 

The Look Fantastic Calendar does not neglect the lips either.  It contains the Avant Lip Scrub which comes in full size (10ml) which costs an eye watering £58. This scrub is supposed to delicately exfoliate lips. It contains the physical exfoliant Argania Spinosa Shell Powder. It contains hydrating ingredients such as Glycerin, Jojoba Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate. It also contains aroma. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Moving onto masks, there is the Rodial Vitamin C Brightening Mask which comes in full size (20ml) which costs £34. Supposed to be brightening due to its 5% Vitamin C, it also contains some exfoliants such as fruit AHAs and Glycolic and Lactic Acids. However, this mask also contains potential skin sensitisers such as Orange Extract and perfume, as well as the potential skin allergens Citral and Limonene. 

The Look Fantastic Calendar for 2022 also contains a mask for the eye area. This is the Beauty Pro Warming Eye Mask which comes in full size (one mask, 16g) which costs £3. This mask is supposed to feel relaxing while also replenishing tired eyes. It is supposed to nourish and smooth the skin, aimed especially for long travelling journeys. It contains Chamomile but it also contains the potential skin sensitiser Iron Powder. 

Lastly, there is a face mist which is not really a serum or a mask but it could be considered as a skin replenishment and refresher. This is the Emma Hardie Plump and Glow Mist which comes in an unspecified travel size. This mist is supposed to hydrate the skin and protect it from external aggressors such as pollutants. It contains Propanediol, Aloe Vera and Sodium Hyaluronate. However, this product is filled with potential skin irritants. It contains perfume high up on the ingredient list, as well as potential skin allergens such as Limonene, Geraniol, Citronellol, Linalool, Citral and Farnesol. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary


Creams: 3 items 

In terms of creams there are three options. The Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream comes in a deluxe size of 5ml. This is worth £6. This cream is moisturising and it also contains nine peptides. This cream is free of perfume and of potential skin allergens. It is also vegan and cruelty free. 

The second cream in the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar for 2022 is the Aroma Active Repair Cream Light which comes in a deluxe size of 15ml. This is worth £1.50. It is supposed to soothe and moisturise the complexion being suggested for dry and irritated skin. However, this contains multiple potential skin allergens, such as Benzyl Alcohol, Limonene and Linalool. It also contains fragrance. This cream is vegan and cruelty free. 

Lastly, there is the ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser which finally comes in a full size of 55ml which costs £50. Again, this is intended for dry skin. It contains Sunflower Oil, Propanediol as well as some antioxidants. However, this cream is filled with potential skin sensitisers such as Orange Oil and fragrance, as well as with potential skin allergens such as Limonene, Linalool, Citronellol and Geraniol. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary

HAIRCARE: 4 items


The haircare section lacks a shampoo but it does contain a scalp cleansing item. This is the Christopher Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, which comes in a full size of 250ml which costs £42. This is a scalp scrub that contains Sea Salt and Sweet Almond Oil. Although it is intended for itchy, reactive scalps, this product does contain fragrance. It also contains Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol and Tree Moss Extract, all of these being on the EU’s list of 26 potential allergens to the skin. This product is vegan.

Then there are three repairing masks. There is the We Are Paradoxx 3-in-1 Hair Repair which comes in 50ml which costs £10.50. This does act as a conditioner, a mask or a finishing balm. It promises soft, glossy and frizz free hair. 

Then there is the Sachajuan Hair Repair Mask which comes in 30ml worth £5. Supposed to revitalise dry, damaged hair from root to tip it promises moisture and hydration. This does contain perfume and some potential skin allergens such as Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamal and Linalool, so perhaps stick with applying this only to the lengths of your hair and avoid the scalp if you have sensitive skin.

Lastly, there is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Booster which comes in 20ml which is worth £4. This is another mask which is supposed to deeply condition the hair, taming the frizz, adding elasticity and strength. It contains Hydrolyzed Elastin which is supposed to improve elasticity while Olive Oil should moisturise and make the hair look shiny. I have used this product before as it is a popular one in beauty advent calendars. You can watch my two minute review here. This mask is fragrance and allergen free. This product is also cruelty free. 


The items are presented in the order they are discussed. Sizes, colours and presentation may vary

BODYCARE: 1 item


Unfortunately, the Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar only contains one item for the body (excluding the haircare). This is the KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub with 10% AHA from First Aid Beauty. It comes in an unspecified deluxe size so the value is unknown. As the name suggests, this wash off product contains exfoliating ingredients that will make the skin feel smooth. It also contains hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. It is free of fragrance and of potential skin allergens. However,  Chrysanthemum Parthenium Extract can potentially be skin sensitising depending on the purity of the ingredient. We will give the benefit of the doubt though and assume that the potential irritant elements of it have been removed.


OTHER: 2 items


In the miscellaneous section of the calendar there are two items intended for perfuming the room. The Rituals Ayurveda Mini Reed Diffuser comes in full size (70ml) and costs £16.50. These fragrance sticks are infused with Sweet Almond and Indian Rose oils, meant to relax you. 

The second perfuming item is the Demi Candles which can come in two unspecified variations. While the scent of these is not mentioned, the shape is certainly interesting. The candle is worth £35 and is vegan and cruelty free. 


How does it compare to last year’s Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2021?


There are only two items in the 2022 calendar that repeat themselves from the Look Fantastic 2021 one. These are the Cristopher Robin scalp scrub and the Philip Kingsley elasticiser mask. But given that both are shower items and use up quickly this should not be an issue. In terms of the same brands, you can find Avant, Philip Kingsley, Christopher Robin, Elemis, Espa and Iconic in this year’s calendar as well.  

In terms of content categories, they stayed about the same, with one or two less or more products per category. For 2022 the calendar contains one extra item, bringing the total to 26, compared to 25 from last year.

The price went up by £10, but the worth value increased by almost £100 compared to last year’s Look Fantastic Calendar. 

In my review of the Look Fantastic Calendar for 2021 I wrote: ‘The makeup section in the Look Fantastic calendar is small, containing just a few items. With a blush, a highlighter, a kajal eye pencil, a lipliner and a finishing spray, this section feels slightly unfinished. It feels like they added bits and pieces that need extra items to be complete. A lipstick or a mascara would have been lovely.’ It seems like for 2022 Look Fantastic listened to this feedback and changed the makeup category to be well curated and feel more complete, while also including the lipstick and the mascara. 

In the same review I mentioned the repetitiveness of the haircare section, another issue which Look Fantastic took care of for 2022 – the section is much more balanced now, offering a scalp scrub, a conditioner or balm and two masks. 


You can read the full review of the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar 2021 here.



The Look Fantastic Calendar comes in an elegant black box with gold embellishments. It is lovely that it has a concept behind the aesthetic – also called The Beauty Story, the calendar looks like a book, with black covers and gold pages, tied with festive red ribbon.  

The concept is followed quite well in terms of the contents too. It follows a story – you get a cleanser, a face massaging and a cleansing tool, masks, serums, creams, as well as well diversified makeup items for a look, some haircare and relaxing room perfuming items. I congratulate Look Fantastic for the creativity and elegance of this calendar’s concept. 

In terms of brands, you get a mix of affordable and high end. On the affordable side, there is The Ordinary and Revolution, while on the expensive side there is Elemis, Avant, Philip Kingsley, Iconic, By Terry, Zelens and Emma Hardie, to name just a few. There are also some very well loved and popular items in, such as the Elemis Cleansing Balm, but you can also experiment with less known brands and items, such as Luvia and Sachajuan. 

The Look Fantastic Calendar for 2022 gives 26 items. While the boxes inside are not visible from the presentation images, it can be assumed that this calendar also offers something for Christmas Day.


Who is this calendar most suitable for?


The calendar seems suitable to most people, without leaning strongly in a particular direction. The skincare section is the most predominant, having more than 50% of the total worth value of the calendar, with twelve items compared to seven of the makeup, but the makeup section is also strong and well mixed. However, the bodycare section does only have one item, so if you or the person you are getting this calendar for loves receiving shower gels, oils, body creams and other body care items, then it will not be suitable.

It is a calendar without a niche, compared to the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2022, which is clearly targeting skincare lovers. The Look Fantastic Calendar is more of a mix, suitable to someone who likes receiving a little of everything. 

The calendar has colour cosmetics suitable to all skin tones, a bit of every step of a skincare routine (cleansing, exfoliation, hydration) and a mix of hydrating hair products suitable to all hair types. 

However, half of the skincare items in this calendar contain perfume, potentially skin irritant ingredients or potential skin allergens. This is also the case for the scalp scrub. This means it might not be the best for sensitive, reactive skin types. 

In terms of vegan and cruelty free items, the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar for 2022 does contain quite a few suitable items. 


Is it worth it?


The value of the calendar is an excellent one, receiving six times the value you paid for! This is probably going to be one of the best values out there for this year in terms of beauty advent calendars. 

The makeup section only contains seven items, being a mere fourth of the calendar. The makeup items are worth a total of around £90 (the value of the eyeshadow is unknown). However, it is a fantastically well put together category, as it is curated to include some steps for the entire makeup routine. With an eyeshadow palette, a black eyeliner, mascara and brow gel, your eyelook is complete. There is setting powder that anyone can use and a beautiful combination of lip products and with a Christmas classic red and a translucent gloss that can be paired with anything else in your collection. The items seem inclusive, with a careful choice of colours that should be suitable for all skin tones.

The skincare section is the most predominant one in this calendar, with a total of twelve items, worth around £280 (the value of the Emma Hardie mist is unknown). Again, it contains a nicely curated list of items, carrying you through from the cleansing routine, to serums, masks and creams. The overall feel is that they should work for the majority of skin types. However, more than half of these items contain perfume or potentially skin irritants and allergens.

The haircare section is short and sweet with only four items, worth a total of £62. It contains a generous size of 250ml of a scalp scrub and some smaller hydrating masks, so beneficial in winter.

The bodycare section contains only one item – a body scrub. If you love hydrating creams for the body and shower oils in your Beauty Advent Calendars then I am afraid the Look Fantastic is not worth it.

The miscellaneous category contains two room perfuming items, worth a total of £52 pounds. Not all scents are described so you are in for a surprise. 

The sizes of the products are also quite generous, varying from 250ml, which is fantastic, to 50ml, 30ml, 20ml, and only very few 10ml or 5ml. Besides plenty of product, the scenting items also seem to have a generous size. The makeup again, could be used for a long time. Other than the 5ml Drunk Elephant cream, there does not seem to be any fillers in the Look Fantastic calendar. 

If your skin is not sensitive and you are not that picky in terms of fragrance and allergen free products, if you like a bit of everything in the calendar and just want a nice mix of affordable and high end brands, then this calendar might be for you. For £90 for non subscribers and £80 for subscribers, this calendar is a good choice in terms of still being able to experiment with high end and luxury brands while not paying a fortune. The total number of the items does also suggest it offers something on Christmas Day, making the calendar suitable as an overall Christmas gift – which means even more value for your money.


What do you think of the Look Fantastic Calendar for 2022? Let me know in the comments! 


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