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Sunscreen for hair?! Healthy hair during summer

You might not be aware of this, but you need to protect your hair from UV radiation just as much as you should protect your skin. Your hair can become dry and brittle from the sun.  Besides the straw hat that protects your scalp, you should also be using products that protect the hair from UV damage, just like you are using sun protection cream on your skin. If our skin needs different skincare routines in winter compared to summer, why would our hair be different?

I have been using these products for the last two summers and I love the results. My hair used to get very dry during summer and break a lot. However, since using UV protection on my hair as well, it’s more hydrated, healthy and shiny. Even my hairdresser encouraged this routine and was very proud of me understanding the importance of protecting my hair during summer.

As summer is approaching quickly (not so quick in Scotland!), I want to share my favourites that I have been using during summer for two years.


First, Shampoo!

L’Oreal Professional Solar Sublime

I love this shampoo because it protects the hair from UV damage but also helps to counteract the effects of salt and chlorine. This means that it is also brilliant if you bathe in the sea or if you go to the pool (the chlorine in pools can really damage your hair, especially if it is dyed). It smells fantastic and it nourishes my hair. I have long, blonde hair and this didn’t seem to affect my colour at all (which is fantastic!).

Personally, I noticed a big difference in my hair after only using this shampoo over summer. 

Buy here


Conditioner is very important!

Byphasse Hair Pro Mask, Nutritive Riche Dry Hair

Well, a bit anti-climactic, as this is a mask, not a conditioner, but I use it as such every washing. It is so moisturising, detangling my hair immediately, making it very soft and shiny. Not many products work well on my long, blonde (dyed) hair, but this one is fantastic. My scalp is very oily while my ends are very dry, and this mask worked well. While this does not offer UV protection it is extremely nourishing and could be a ‘hair-saver’ after exposure to salt and chlorine. 

I couldn’t find it on eBay or Amazon but I will leave the official link here, maybe you will spot it at hair salons or in shops. I purchased mine in Auchan, Romania.


Rinsing Vinegar

Yves Rocher Detox Rinsing Vinegar 

Sometimes the chlorine from pools or harsh water can make my scalp itchy, which is why I love to use vinegar on my hair. I have tried diluting vinegar in water, but my hair would smell like a fish and chip shop. The Yves Rocher vinegars for hair smell delicious but retain the properties of vinegar. I love both the Detox Rising Vinegar (Anti-pollution) and the Rinsing Vinegar for shine with raspberries.

Buy here


The magic summer product:

UV Protection Hair Spray

L’oreal Professionel Solar Sublime Spray

I was looking for a UV protection spray for hair and I found this one, which I absolutely love! I used it throughout hot summers in Romania and it made a huge difference. You spray it generously on dry hair before going out into the sun. It contains UV filters and Aloe Vera, creating a light protective film on the hair, keeping it nourished and protected from the sun. It also smells really nice and does not make the hair feel greasy. It is also easy to reapply if you are outside for longer.

Buy here



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