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EVERYTHING about Tati Westbrook’s eyeshadow Palette Vol.1

In today’s video, Tati, aka glamlifeguru, took us all by surprise with an announcement of the first makeup release since the launch of her company, Halo Beauty. The palette is called Tati Beauty and it dropped out of the blue, a bit like the first time Tati announced her first product launch, the Hair, Skin and Nails Booster.



VOLUME 1, will there be a Volume 2?

The bottom right corner of the palette has a small text which to me appears to read Vol 1. Could this be the first release, containing wearable, earthy shades, followed by a second, containing more bold and bright colours? The packaging is not outstanding, and I have to say I was expecting something sleeker and original. If for Halo Beauty Tati focused on the aesthetic of the bottles, perhaps for the palette she lets the eyeshadow itself steal the spotlight.



SHADES and layout

The palette is large, containing 24 shades with mattes, shimmers and glitters. The top row seems to contain only glitters, which is characteristic of Tati – she loves a good eye glitter. The shades show her makeup preferences as well – nude colours, nothing too bold, yet with a tint of interesting notes, like the beautiful burgundy shades or perhaps the grey, blue toned glitter in the upper left corner. The colours remind of warmth, earth, peace and elegance. It gives the feeling of a palette aimed towards a more mature audience, just like with the launch of her first product, Hair, Skin and Nails Booster (if you do not know what I am talking about, read a pharmacist’s analysis of the aimed demographic here).



Tati released some sneak-peaks of the swatches, starting in packs of four according to each vertical row in the palette. From the right bottom of the palette (the lower end of the arm) we have the deep burgundy shade swatched first. The shades look very pigmented, buttery, soft and very easy to blend. The eye is immediately drawn to the glittery shades, which reflect the light beautifully. I get the feeling that the video has a filter on, which tones down the vibrancy of the colours a bit, and I expect the shades themselves to be more vibrant, even though still earthy.

Of course, opinions will be different about the colour choices, depending on who you ask. Personally, I love how wearable they are and the fact that there are cool, warm and neutral colours. This means it would suit most skin undertones.



The eye look created with the palette, very glittery and elegant, certainly does not disappoint. It looks very much like what Tati loves to wear and what she made her audience used to see. This means she stayed true to herself and she created a product that reflects her makeup preferences. However, I wish she did the makeup for the promotional pictures herself. Perhaps she helped as well, but I wish beauty gurus would do their own makeup for marketing materials, to prove their talent and skills.


TATI vs SHANE Dawson

Releasing an original, never seen before palette is almost impossible nowadays, with the beauty industry beaming and being at its peak. The release date of the palette is certainly interesting, assuming it is very close to the release of Shane Dawson’s makeup in collaboration with Jeffree Star – a collaboration that everyone has their eyes on. However, Shane’s palette will probably be very bold, with an unusual packaging (a pig shape would not surprise me), and the shades will most likely be electric, bright and, after all, more difficult to pull off on an everyday basis. I think Tati’s palette offers something very different from that and has another demographic in mind.



The only downside with the palette’s seemingly mature demographic is that the price might be aimed towards a financially stable audience. Assuming Tati Beauty is an independently owned brand, like Halo Beauty, we can expect the palette to be pricy. The palette will be sold through an independent website, which could result in high delivery fees, especially for the overseas fans.

Given the simple packaging and somewhat classic promotional material, we have to assume that most of the investment went into the formula. If that is the case, I declare myself happy.

I want to hear Tati’s story in why she chose such wearable, toned down colours, why she chose this packaging and what is the inspiration behind it… and, of course, huge congratulations to her!


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None of these images are my own. They are shots from Tati’s video, used for the purpose of discussion, review and for informational purposes only.

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One Comment

  • Marta

    I agree with you, the colours are wearable and the glittery ones in the top line are very pretty, however, I was expecting something more original too. The launch of this palette seems rushed…(probably because Shane’s palette is coming out too) which probably reflect in the poorly designed packaging.
    Thank you for your article! Can’t wait for the actual review of the palette, hopefully the quality of the product will be worth the price!

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